• News

    Confusion over RSA healthcare charges

    31 October 2014
    When Elise M’s* 18-year-old daughter tried to kill herself with an overdose of pills last year, the ambulance that Elise called took them to nearby...
  • Analysis

    Rethinking refugee camps

    7 October 2014
    For years, the images most commonly associated with refugees have been of sprawling, dusty camps populated by rows of tents sheltering thousands of men, women...
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    South African move on child trafficking

    17 September 2014
    The announcement yesterday that parents would have another nine months to comply with new regulations for travelling into and out of South Africa with their...
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    Asylum-seeker woes in Libya

    7 August 2014
    As violence in Libya continues to escalate, most diplomats and foreign workers have by now received assistance from their governments and employers to evacuate the...
  • Analysis

    Tracing dead migrants in Europe

    28 July 2014
    As the number of migrants and asylum seekers reaching southern Europe’s shores this year continues to climb - to about 75,000 at last count -...