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    Boomtime for fuel smugglers in Nepal

    20 January 2016
    A severe fuel shortage has crippled Nepal, causing added hardship for millions of people already trying to recover from a devastating earthquake. But not everybody...
  • Analysis

    Politics delays Nepal reconstruction

    14 January 2016
    After delays due to political haggling, Nepal’s government has finally authorised a National Reconstruction Authority to begin rebuilding the earthquake-devastated country, although the actual reconstruction...
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    Border trouble blocks medicines to Nepal

    9 December 2015
    Seven months after two devastating earthquakes, Nepal is facing “critical” shortages of life-saving medicines as political unrest along its border with India prevents imports of...
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    Nepal finally unlocks quake funds

    26 November 2015
    Seven months after a massive earthquake devastated Nepal, the government has finally found its way through a political logjam that was holding up billions of...
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    Politics prevents Nepal reconstruction

    19 October 2015
    Six months after a massive earthquake devastated Nepal, people are still living in temporary shelters as political wrangling has prevented the disbursement of billions pledged...