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    Drought kills children in Pakistan

    4 February 2016
    At least 139 children died of waterborne disease in January in Pakistan's impoverished desert district of Tharparkar, which has been devastated by drought since 2013...
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    Pakistan bureaucracy ties up quake aid

    30 October 2015
    International relief agencies are unable to reach some areas in Pakistan that were devastated by this week’s earthquake, because government authorities have not granted them...
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    Pakistan quake: building code unenforced

    27 October 2015
    Pakistan added detailed seismic provisions to its national building code in 2007, two years after an earthquake in the disputed Kashmir region killed more than...
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    Afghanistan-Pakistan earthquake: updates

    26 October 2015
    A 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck northeastern Afghanistan at 1:39 pm local time (0909 GMT) on Monday, 26 October, sending shockwaves that were felt as far away...