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Sexual violence: Do we really care?

In this multimedia package we explore the apathy of a “wounded society” in a rural South African town; in War on Women, a 15-minute film, we see how impunity shields perpetrators of sexual violence in the Congo; we explore what drives one in four men in Asia to commit rape; and we report on sexual predation against Afghanistan boys by older men, concealed behind the veil of “tradition” full report

Humanitarian Futures
Updated: September 2013
A global food crisis
Updated: September 2013
Building resilience
Updated: March 2013
Kenya - No Ordinary Elections
Updated: February 2013
Aid in an urbanizing world
Updated: January 2013
What next for Myanmar?
Updated: March 2012
Child Soldiers
Updated: January 2012
On the trail of the LRA
Updated: November 2011
The rise of the "new" donors
Updated: October 2011
Sudan's Referendum
Updated: January 2011
Coping with crisis
Updated: November 2010
Congo's refugee crisis
Updated: March 2010
The landmine hangover
Updated: March 2010
Guinea: Living on the edge
Updated: January 2005
Life in northern Uganda
Updated: January 2004
Child soldiers
Updated: December 2003
Updated: October 2003
Togo elections
Updated: May 2003
Updated: April 2003
Separated Somali Children
Updated: January 2003
Sudan Peace Process
Updated: December 2002
World AIDS Day 2002
Updated: December 2002
Ituri in Eastern DRC
Updated: November 2002
Cote d’Ivoire crisis (2002)
Updated: November 2002
Internal Displacement
Updated: October 2002
Kuito - A legacy of war
Updated: June 2001
Surviving disaster
Updated: November 2000