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Southern Africa

  • News

    COP21: A downpayment on disaster?

    8 December 2015
    Anote Tong, president of the small Pacific island nation of Kiribati, is something of a celebrity at the climate change talks taking place in Paris...
  • Feature

    Southern Africa's food crisis

    4 December 2015
    Close to 29 million people in southern Africa are already facing food shortages as a result of this season’s poor harvest, but worse could be...
  • Analysis

    COP21: A turning point?

    26 November 2015
    The science is clear. It’s the deal, as ever, that’s complicated. The Paris climate summit is one more chance, from an ever dwindling store, for...
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    Critics question EU-Africa migrant plan

    12 November 2015
    Are European leaders forcing their own migration agenda on Africa? Why are they conflating development aid with migration policy? What is wrong with introducing more...
  • Analysis

    Gloves off between local & intl NGOs

    22 October 2015
    The debate over humanitarian reform is one of money, principles, and institutional change. But for many organisations involved, these boil down to one thing: power...