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Sri Lankans disabled by war, forgotten in peace
16 September 2015 (IRIN ), Government soldiers can receive assistance packages for injuries sustained during the war, including the continuation of salaries for those able to work at desk jobs, or long-term care in military-run facilities for those severely disabled. But there is no programme to help civilians and former Tamil Tigers who remain permanently affected by injuries.
Did the Khmer Rouge commit genocide?
14 September 2015 (IRIN ), During its short stay in power in the late 1970s, the Khmer Rouge killed about a quarter of Cambodia’s population, but did they commit genocide? After four years of trying surviving senior leaders of the regime, a war crimes tribunal is only now attempting to answer that question.
Will a Rohingya refugee go full circle after fleeing Myanmar?
10 September 2015 (IRIN ), Sequestered in a compound in Cambodia after a controversial refugee resettlement deal with Australia, a Rohingya man says he want to go back to the country he fled.
How anxiety and despair haunt trafficked children
9 September 2015 (IRIN ), For children and young people exploited by traffickers in Southeast Asia, escape or rescue ought to put an end to their nightmare. But new research paints a grim picture of the lasting effects on their mental health.
Typhoon Grindr: love, liberation and post-disaster sex in the Philippines
8 September 2015 (IRIN ), Researcher Jonathan Corpus Ong found an unexpected silver lining in the wake of the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan:
Abuses rise along with pro-Afghan government militias
7 September 2015 (IRIN ), In a bid to enforce its authority in Kunduz where the Taliban has taken over about 70 percent of the province, the Afghan government has scaled up support of militia – a controversial tactic since such groups have a history of abuses against civilians, according to Human Rights Watch and others.
The $1bn hole in Afghanistan’s refugee system
3 September 2015 (IRIN ), The United States has allocated $950 million for assisting Afghan refugees and returnees, but much of that money has been lost to corruption while those in need remain in dire conditions, according to a report released today by a congress-appointed auditor.
Will UN report bring justice for Sri Lanka war victims?
2 September 2015 (IRIN ), After acceding to the Sri Lankan government’s request to delay by six months a report examining crimes committed during Sri Lanka's civil war, the Geneva-based United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights is scheduled to finally release the results of its investigation within the next two weeks.
When Myanmar votes, Rohingya must stay home
1 September 2015 (IRIN ), In the 2010 general elections, about 150,000 Muslims in this isolated township in western Myanmar were able to cast their votes. When the country returns to the polls in November the number of Muslim voters here is likely to be about a dozen.
Will Thailand deport Uighurs who fled China?
27 August 2015 (IRIN ), Despite Thailand's recent deportation of 109 ethnic Uighurs to China where they could face torture, about 60 members of the persecuted minority who remain in detention are refusing to register with the United Nations as asylum seekers.

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