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GLOBAL: Swine flu declared a pandemic
11 June 2009 (IRIN ), In the space of three months, the world has watched what seemed to be a localized flu outbreak in Mexico spread to 74 countries, infect some 27,737 people and be declared pandemic on 11 June by the World Health Organization (WHO).
GLOBAL: Earlier ARV treatment saves lives
10 June 2009 (IRIN ), Findings from a clinical trial in Haiti bring the first conclusive evidence that HIV-positive people in developing countries have a significantly better chance of survival if they start antiretroviral (ARV) treatment earlier.
GLOBAL: How to measure vulnerability to climate change?
10 June 2009 (IRIN ), A complex but critical issue is being raised at the UN climate change talks in Bonn, Germany: finding a scale that determines how vulnerable developing countries are to climate change, which will help allocating funds to adapt fairly.
GLOBAL: HIV, the silent partner in emergencies
10 June 2009 (IRIN ), Food aid and plastic sheeting are the hallmarks of every disaster, but not always condoms and antiretrovirals, even though humanitarian agencies recognize the link between emergencies and the increased risk of HIV and AIDS.
GLOBAL: WHO move boosts fight against fatal diarrhoea
9 June 2009 (IRIN ), The World Health Organization has paved the way for children in Africa and Asia to be vaccinated against a diarrhoea-causing virus that kills some 500,000 children annually worldwide – 85 percent of them in African and Asian developing countries.
AFRICA: Agriculture an underestimated "safety net"
9 June 2009 (IRIN ), Investment in agriculture in developing countries, where most of the workforce consists of small-scale farmers, is akin to beefing up a "safety net" as the world struggles to limit the impact of the economic crisis, a UN agency head told IRIN ahead of the three-day World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Cape Town.
AFRICA: Urbanisation, poverty reduction take centre-stage in ACP conference
8 June 2009 (IRIN ), More than 200 delegates have arrived in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, for the first joint conference of the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Group of Countries (ACP) focusing on the challenges of urbanisation and poverty reduction for millions of slum dwellers.
GLOBAL: Buying local food is cheaper but not always easier - analysis
8 June 2009 (IRIN ), Buying food aid closer to where it is needed is cheaper and saves time, says a new US government report, but weak local markets and a lack of reliable suppliers can be problematic.
AFRICA: Camel farming could be the answer
3 June 2009 (IRIN ), Camel farming could be an option for some 20 million to 35 million people living on semi-arid land in Africa, who will soon be unable to grow crops because of climate change, says the co-author of a new study.
GLOBAL: Climate change information overload?
29 May 2009 (IRIN ), Millions, possibly even billions of people will be affected by the impact of climate change, some reports say; gloomy ones tell you it is already happening, more optimistic ones say it will happen by the end of the century.

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