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UGANDA: New LGBTI clinic faces fierce government criticism
11 July 2012 (IRIN ), Gay rights activists have opened Uganda's first clinic for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people in the capital, Kampala, where it will provide testing, counselling and treatment for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.
UGANDA: A timeline of events affecting LGBTI
11 July 2012 (IRIN ), Uganda has made international headlines in recent years for its strong anti-homosexuality stance, but health experts have warned that more must be done to include LGBTI in HIV prevention services. IRIN has put together a short timeline of key events in the struggle for their inclusion.
UGANDA: Refugee influx prompts government call for regional talks
9 July 2012 (IRIN ), Uganda is “overwhelmed” by the current influx of Congolese refugees fleeing renewed fighting in North Kivu Province in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and is calling for an emergency meeting of countries in the Great Lakes Region to work out a road map for lasting peace, say officials.
AFRICA: “Sexual refugees” struggle to access asylum
9 July 2012 (IRIN ), As a gay man living in Tanzania, Cassim Mustapha could have faced imprisonment, but prosecutions under the country's Sexual Offences Act are rare, and the bigger threat came from his own community. After one of his neighbours attacked him with an axe leaving a deep wound in his head, Mustapha fled and applied for asylum in Malawi, the first country he reached.
UGANDA: MDR-TB treatment kicks off
3 July 2012 (IRIN ), Uganda's Health Ministry has begun rolling out its first treatment programme for multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) and expects to treat some 250 confirmed cases of the disease.
UGANDA: Plant trees, get paid
3 July 2012 (IRIN ), At least 2,500 farmers in the western districts of Uganda are earning extra cash to boost their livelihoods by planting trees alongside their crops in a scheme that is helping to sequester carbon dioxide.
UGANDA: Human trafficking drive needs rescuing
28 June 2012 (IRIN ), Uganda set up a national human trafficking task force in April, but a national action plan to combat trafficking - originally due in June - could be delayed for months as officials take stock of existing and fragmented law enforcement efforts.
UGANDA: Learning lessons from lethal landslides
27 June 2012 (IRIN ), Following a third landslide in as many years that left at least 18 dead and over 100 missing in eastern Uganda's mountainous district of Bududa, experts are warning that unless long-term measures are put in place, similar disasters are inevitable.
UGANDA: Cervical cancer - silent killer
25 June 2012 (IRIN ), In the obstetrics and gynaecology ward of St Mary's Hospital Lacor in northern Uganda's Gulu District, Apilli Kilara lies on the floor under a blood-stained sheet, staring at the ceiling.
UGANDA: Government plans naturalization of refugees
21 June 2012 (IRIN ), The Ugandan government says it is in discussions to legalize and grant naturalization to thousands of refugees who fled into the country in the 1960s and 1990s, mainly from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.

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