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Somali government to relocate IDPs, welcome returning refugees
27 February 2013 (IRIN ), The Somali government plans to relocate thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) currently living in Mogadishu to camps on the outskirts of the city, but there are concerns over inadequate government capacity as well as security and access to services in the proposed relocation areas.
African migrants pay high prices to send money home
27 February 2013 (IRIN ), New data from the World Bank has revealed that African migrants pay more to send money home to their families than any other migrant group in the world.
The use and abuse of humanitarian principle
19 February 2013 (IRIN ), Following the 9/11 attacks and the launch of the Global War on Terror, many humanitarian policy wonks spoke of a new era of heightened aid instrumentalization - that is the use of humanitarian action or rhetoric as a tool to pursue political, security, development, economic, or other non-humanitarian goals, which would muddy humanitarian principles and constrain access to those in need.
With increased security, healthcare improves in Somalia
5 February 2013 (IRIN ), With security improved following the retreat of Al-Shabab insurgents from urban areas of south and central Somalia, aid agencies have increased health services and expanded emergency healthcare, reaching previously inaccessible areas.
Landmine danger persists in Somalia
1 February 2013 (IRIN ), Thousands of landmines and other unexploded ordnance (UXO) scattered in parts of Somalia over past decades of conflict are emerging as a threat to the relative security now being enjoyed there, with inadequate demining expertise posing a challenge, say officials.
Death sentence and detentions raise profile of rape in Somalia
24 January 2013 (IRIN ), The recent execution in Somalia of a soldier convicted of rape and the detention of a journalist investigating sexual assault have given the traditionally taboo issue of gender-based violence an usual degree of prominence.
Reprieve for urban refugees in Kenya, but fear persists
24 January 2013 (IRIN ), Urban refugees in Kenya, threated with relocation to overcrowded refugee camps, are breathing a sigh of relief following a High Court ruling that has provisionally halted the move.
In Brief: Staples, not export crops, key to tackling Africa’s poverty – report
18 January 2013 (IRIN ), Africa could reduce its poverty levels faster by focusing more on the production of staples rather than export crops, according to a study by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).
AID POLICY: Communication technologies transform relief and development
18 December 2012 (IRIN ), Since Africa's first mobile phone network went live in 1994, mobile phone penetration has shot up to 65 percent; access to the internet is also increasing rapidly. Today, information and communications technology (ICT) plays a central role in promoting development and humanitarian assistance.
SOMALIA: Potential goldmine for fishermen as piracy declines
14 December 2012 (IRIN ), Rusting hulks of capsized boats decorate the waters around Berbera, a port city in the self-declared republic of Somaliland. Further down Somalia’s coast, pirates raid freighters in the Gulf of Aden. Yet efforts are underway to help Somalis make better use of their 3,300km coastline.

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