Dispatches from the hot zone

Highlights and multimedia on the West Africa Ebola outbreak.

Highlights and multimedia on the West Africa Ebola outbreak.

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    Taming Sierra Leone’s Ebola spread

    19 December 2014
    Sierra Leone is scrambling more health personnel and deploy more equipment to curb the rampant spread of Ebola in Western Area region which currently accounts...
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    Guinea Ebola diary

    1 May 2015
    The first thing that struck me on flying into Guinea wasn’t so much the pervasive hand-washing stations or constant temperature-taking. It wasn’t the giant billboards...
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    Ebola and the media in Nigeria

    30 September 2014
    When an Internet message announcing a salt water solution for Ebola went viral in July, many Nigerians were quick to take heed. Twenty people were...
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    How we should talk about Ebola

    13 January 2015
    IRIN is introducing an occasional series of "Open Forum" guest columns to broaden the space for debate and discussion. Argument, opinion, comment, conversation, constructive rant...
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    HAS VIDEO A health worker checks a blood sample for Ebola at Kenema government hospital, Sierra Leone

    A Sierra Leone hospital battles Ebola

    9 July 2014
    Hasan Kamara patiently labels blood samples at the government hospital in Kenema, eastern Sierra Leone. The country, alongside neighbouring Guinea and Liberia, is currently experiencing...
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    A tribute to two Ebola heroes

    19 August 2014
    Today is World Humanitarian Day when the UN sets out to recognize those who face danger and adversity in order to help others. This year...
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    Ebola survivors' mystery ailments

    18 December 2014
    For some Ebola survivors, overcoming the lethal viral assault has not heralded a full return to good health. An array of ailments including headache, joint...
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    Ebola hampers HIV/AIDS care in Liberia

    21 November 2014
    Ebola has crippled the provision of treatment and care to people living with HIV/AIDS in Liberia, according to health workers and patients. "We cannot get...
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    HAS VIDEO Health workers at the IFRC's Ebola treatment centre in Kenema are trained to put on their PPEs. The process takes 20 minutes.

    Inside an Ebola camp near Kenema

    14 October 2014
    We’re heading to the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC) Ebola treatment centre 15km out of Kenema town in eastern Sierra Leone. It’s known...
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    Bringing Ebola tests up to speed

    20 November 2014
    Ebola in West Africa is believed to have erupted almost a year ago in southern Guinea, but was confirmed by the French Pasteur Institute only...
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    Questions over Mali's Ebola response

    18 November 2014
    The failure of a top Malian hospital to detect probable cases of Ebola has raised questions about whether the country's health system is sufficiently prepared...
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    Ramp-up needed for Ebola diagnoses

    12 November 2014
    Critical gaps in "behind-the-scenes" infrastructure are hampering Ebola response times and containment efforts in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, aid agencies and health workers say...
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    Medevac gaps slow response

    7 November 2014
    More than 5,000 international healthcare workers and support staff are needed to contain the ongoing Ebola crisis in West Africa, but doctors, nurses and emergency...
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    Aid agencies adapt to Ebola challenge

    4 November 2014
    From using Bitcoins to fundraise, to adopting new strategies to prevent malaria victims appearing to be Ebola cases, to working with new partners - aid...
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    Overcoming Ebola stigma takes time

    31 October 2014
    Ebola survivors in Liberia and Sierra Leone are facing mixed reactions as they return home after contracting the deadly virus. While some have been welcomed...
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    Ebola: Experienced doctors still rare

    27 October 2014
    The difficulty of finding doctors with field experience is hampering international medical intervention to help curb Ebola in West Africa. Fear of contracting the virus...
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    Ebola hits West Africa food security

    20 October 2014
    West Africa's Ebola outbreak, which has been disrupting agricultural and market activities, threatens to erode food security and negatively affect the livelihoods of millions of...
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    HAS VIDEO An out of school girl in Kenema, Sierra Leone. All schools are closed until further notice in Sierra Leone because of the Ebola outbreak.

    Homing in on Freetown

    16 October 2014
    On the return trip to Freetown from Kenema a couple of days later we meet Laventa Konneh in Moyambo town, the only person allowed to...
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    HAS VIDEO Life appears normal on the streets of Kenema.

    The Ebola hot zone: Sierra Leone series

    10 October 2014
    The following account is by IRIN journalist Anna Jefferys who, together with filmmaker Ricci Shyrock, visited Sierra Leone earlier this month. It is the first...
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    Ebola - softly, softly on bush meat

    1 August 2014
    Medical teams struggling to curb Ebola in West Africa have been discouraging bush meat consumption, believed to have caused the outbreak, but some rural communities...
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    Briefing: Ebola lessons from Uganda

    22 September 2014
    There have been five Ebola outbreaks in Uganda over the past 14 years; these have been quickly contained thanks to a combination of epidemiological luck...