The Paris climate change summit of 2015

The science is clear. It’s the deal, as ever, that’s complicated.

The science is clear. It’s the deal, as ever, that’s complicated.

  • Analysis

    COP21: Chennai floods, who pays?

    11 December 2015
    As the clean up continues after devastating floods in Chennai, India’s environment minister says developed countries should pay for damage caused by climate change. The...
  • Feature

    From the silly to the surreal

    3 December 2015
    Saving the entire planet is a serious matter. So thank goodness the Paris climate talks are also generating some things to smile about, even if...
  • News

    Counting the money

    14 December 2015
    The rejoicing and back-slapping at the conclusion at the weekend of the Paris climate summit extended even to the African delegations. Historically sidelined, they had...
  • News

    COP21: A downpayment on disaster?

    8 December 2015
    Anote Tong, president of the small Pacific island nation of Kiribati, is something of a celebrity at the climate change talks taking place in Paris...
  • Analysis

    How to take on extreme weather

    10 December 2015
    As weather becomes more extreme and erratic, the scramble for a bigger and better set of tools to cope with the fallout is on. “Science...
  • Feature

    Cut emissions and build resilience

    26 November 2015
    Climate change is part of the planet’s natural cycle, and its citizens have always learned to cope. But the increased global temperatures recorded over the...