Paul Currion

Regular IRIN columnist and independent consultant to humanitarian organisations. A recovering aid worker, Paul has responded to crises in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Indian Ocean Tsunami.

  • Opinion

    Refugee utopias?

    15 December 2015
    Some people think refugee camps are the cities of tomorrow, but cities will definitely be the cities of tomorrow, says regular IRIN columnist, Paul Currion...
  • Opinion

    A desert called reform

    3 November 2015
    'Inspired' by our recent interview with new UN humanitarian chief Stephen O'Brien, IRIN columnist Paul Currion says he has lost faith in the World Humanitarian...
  • Opinion

    The right way to reinvent the wheel?

    24 September 2015
    After Julian Pöschl saw television coverage of hundreds of migrants and refugees arriving at Vienna's main train station, the Hauptbahnhof, he decided to take some...
  • Opinion

    Whatever happened to those heroes?

    19 August 2015
    The original plan for this column was a Buzzfeed-style list of “Ten facts that you don’t know about World Humanitarian Day”. Unfortunately I couldn’t find...