Nasser Al-Sakkaf

  • Feature

    Smuggling oxygen on a camel

    19 January 2016
    Before the war in Yemen, Lewa Abdurrahman worked in construction. Times have changed. As the owner of a donkey, he has become an integral part...
  • Feature

    Aid? What aid? Besieged Yemenis ask

    18 December 2015
    On Thursday night, representatives of Yemen’s warring parties announced a deal to immediately allow aid into the besieged city of Taiz. But residents say this...
  • Analysis

    Life under siege in Yemen

    7 July 2015
    For most, selling the family silver is a metaphor for bad planning. In Yemen, it is the desperate reality. 45-year-old painter Mohammed Mosed’s has eight...
  • News

    The war on Yemen’s children

    1 June 2015
    Eight-year-old Kareem Al-Maqtari suffers from recurrent nightmares and bedwetting and has been struggling to sleep since the start of the Saudi Arabia-led coalition bombing campaign...