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Southern Africa

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    HAS VIDEO Maize after drought

    King corn’s crown slips

    11 May 2016
    Maize has dominated Africa’s food production for close to a century, but climate change may bring that reign to an end. What are the alternatives?
  • Analysis

    Malawi’s hunger season

    17 February 2016
    It’s mid-morning on a dusty road to Lisungwi market in Neno, southern Malawi, and Bertha Cham’bwinja is sitting under the shade of an acacia tree...
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    Corruption and risk 2016

    27 January 2016
    Transparency International has launched its annual ranking of corruption , pointing to the negative effects of public sector graft on the poor and vulnerable. The...
  • News

    Zimbabwe - same old problems

    7 January 2016
    Over the next three months, 1.5 million Zimbabweans will be short of food until the new harvest comes in – and even then it’s expected...