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  • Photo feature

    No way forward, No way back

    31 August 2015
    Will the arrival into a Libyan port of a vessel full of decomposing bodies force migrants waiting to cross the Mediterranean to think again? In...
  • Feature

    Between war and peace

    3 August 2015
    Senegal has a proud musical heritage, but in the southern region of Casamance they too often sing of pain, suffering and conflict without end.
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    HAS VIDEO Casamance Senegal


    3 August 2015
    Atrocities in nearby countries have stolen the regional headlines over the years, but the low-intensity separatist struggle in Casamance is West Africa’s longest-running civil conflict.
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    Mapped - the world's conflicts

    30 July 2015
    The news is dominated by wars and unrest in places like Syria, Iraq and Ukraine, but there are dozens of other conflicts around the globe...