Table of contents

  1. Funding gap threatens Madagascar's school lunches
  2. Urban water woes
  3. Swazi women find strength in numbers

Funding gap threatens Madagascar's school lunches
AMBOVOMBE، 28/12/2012 (IRIN) - The provision of school lunches to 215,000 children in 1,200 primary schools in southern Madagascar could be suspended by the end of January 2013 if the World Food Programme (WFP) fails to make up a funding shortfall of US$4.84 million. The funds are needed to cover the cost of running the feeding scheme from December 2012 to May 2013. full report
Urban water woes
NEW YORK، 2/1/2013 (IRIN) - In Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare (population 3,000,000), a man relieves himself in the dirt next to his tin shack, holding his nose to ward off the stench of a nearby overflowing latrine. In Ramallah (population 300,000) in the occupied Palestinian territory a 14-year-old girl wakes with menstrual cramps - and skips class because her school lacks a washroom where she can clean herself in private. In Bangladesh’s mega-capital (population 12 million), a monsoon-season flash flood leaves thousands with cholera. full report
Swazi women find strength in numbers
MBABANE، 3/1/2013 (IRIN) - Swazi women are organizing to promote their rights and welfare, convinced that discriminatory laws are at odds with the essential roles they play in their families and in their country’s economy. full report