Refugees moved after camp killing

Hundreds of refugees have been moved from a camp in northern Kenya after the killing of a teenager sparked riots in the facility and violence between its Sudanese and Somali residents, according to an official.

Staff of the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, held talks with community leaders in Dadaab to calm and reconcile the refugees following the 13 July killing .

"The situation has stabilized and meetings continue with community leaders in Ifo and Hargardera camps," Emmanuel Nyabera, the UNHCR spokesman, told IRIN on 14 July. "Some 230 people have been relocated from Hargardera [where the killing took place] to Ifo.

Nyabera said the agency had received reports that boy's body had been mutilated.

Amid the unrest in Hargardera, some dwellings were torched, according to Nyambera. The police were in the camp on 13 July to calm things down.

Halima Ali Durgube, the guardian of Abdullahi Mahmud Osman, the boy who was killed, told IRIN: "Abdullahi arrived from Somalia recently. He was with us for only four days. Today would have been his fifth day and he is dead.

She added: "His father is dead and his mother is a pastoralist in Harardhere [near Mogadishu] where he was before going to Mogadishu and finally coming to Dadaab.

Durgube said she last saw Abdullahi at around 8pm on 12 July as he left for a nearby mosque. "He did not come back early and I eventually fell asleep; it was about 3am when I first noticed that Abdullahi had not returned. In the morning when I woke up, I heard people shouting, saying the body of a boy had been found lying somewhere in the camp. I rushed to the scene to find out what was happening.

"I was shocked to recognize the body as that of Abdullahi; I uncovered his face, which had been covered with a piece of cloth, and examined the body from head to toe."

She said the police had removed the body from the scene.