Measles outbreak in Burkina Faso

A measles outbreak in Burkina Faso since late January has affected more than 400 people nationwide and led to at least one recorded death, officials from the Ministry of Health told IRIN.

“This is atypical because in recent years we have witnessed a decline in cases,” said Ousmane Badolo, the ministry's director of epidemiological surveillance.

The most recent reported cases were isolated infections in 2005 and 2006, he told IRIN.

The 2009 outbreak occurred in four health districts: Fada (east), Bogodogo (centre), Sindou (west), and Batie (southwest).

The outbreak affected those who had not participated in recent vaccination campaigns, according to Badolo. The health director said he suspected an increase in cases brought in from infected immigrants. “We need to put more stress on a routine vaccination campaign for children under nine months,” he said.

As of 10 February, the Health Ministry had sent teams to investigate affected areas.