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NAIROBI, 25 October 2007 (IRIN) -
Tomorrow’s Crises Today

The humanitarian impact of urbanization
A new publication co-published by IRIN and UN-HABITAT

"Tomorrow’s Crises Today: The humanitarian impact of urbanization"explores the effect ofliving in today's cities has on the millions of people who already live in metropolises,and those who are daily being drawn into them from the countryside - by the millions.Using 10 cities from around the world as illustrations of different crises thatface todays urban poor, this new publication by OCHA/IRIN, in collaboration withUN-HABITAT seeks to emphasise the urgent needs of many in the city. It is been saidthat the real battles to achieve the Millenium Development Goals will be foughtin today's, and tomorrow's cities.

preliminaries pdf icon Download [1.47mb]
Chapter 1:

overview: tomorrow's crises today
city of darkness/ city of light?

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Chapter 2: delhi: drinking the city dry
water insecurity
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Chapter 3: lagos: crisis of management
governance and planning
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Chapter 4: dhaka: reaping the whirlwind
vulnerability to natural disasters
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Chapter 5: addis: putting food on the table
food insecurity
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Chapter 6: rio: fighting for the favelas
human insecurity
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Chapter 7: jakarta: battling to breathe
pollution control
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Chapter 8: cairo: sheltering the urban poor
the housing crisis
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Chapter 9: el alto: labouring to survive
employment insecurity
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Chapter 10: luanda: living in the Hot Zone
health and sanitation
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Chapter 11: ulaanbaatar: painful transitions
cultural change
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