GLOBAL: Violence in the City

NAIROBI, 1 September 2007 (IRIN) -
NIGERIA Guns, gangs, drugs feed growing delta violence

IRAQ Baghdad taxi drivers devise new survival tactics

Yves Habonimana, 25 "My legs were sore, my whole body swollen"

KENYA Security crisis in slum as sect and police clash

IRAQ Decline in municipal services boosts violence and disease

MOZAMBIQUE Murders point to police brutality, raising human rights concerns

Sect violence enters third day in capital

KENYA Thousands flee clashes in Nairobi slum

IRAQ Walls will increase violence, specialists say

MOZAMBIQUE Lynchings symptom of state failure

NIGERIA Kano residents prepare to flee ahead of elections

PAKISTAN Karachi violence stokes renewed ethnic tension

GUINEA Soldiers continue looting after president concedes to demands

SOMALIA More civilians abandon homes as skirmishes continue

OPT Gaza violence hampering aid deliveries, say humanitarian workers

IRAQ Baghdad Christians flee as violence against them mounts

NIGER Protesters target aid agencies

GUINEA Students demonstrate in interior

MOZAMBIQUE Neighbourhoods almost cleared of fallen weapons, military says

NIGERIA Kano residents prepare to flee ahead of elections

NIGERIA Security services deemed unprepared to stop election violence

NIGERIA As elections near democracy flounders

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