GUINEA-BISSAU: Yala appoints new prime minister

Abidjan, 10 December 2001 (IRIN) - President Kumba Yala appointed Alamara Nhasse, who was hitherto interior minister, as new prime minister of Guinea-Bissau just one day after sacking Faustino Imbali, BBC reported on Saturday.

Imbali lost his job on Friday following the release of a presidential decree containing strong criticisms of the executive headed by Imbali, LUSA reported. "The dominant political context in the country nowadays was one of a crisis in government, which had to be overcome to prevent the negation of the social, economic, political and cultural objectives outlined by the government after the last elections," LUSA, the Portuguese news agency, reported Yala as saying in the decree.

Public opinion and members of parliament had severely criticised the government and the administration. There have also been allegations of corruption involving state institutions.

Imbali's departure is the latest in a series of high profile sackings in the last few months which includes the dismissal of two Supreme Court judges and two of their colleagues.

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