Thailand braced for further flooding

Authorities in Thailand are preparing for more monsoon flooding, with 23 of the kingdom's 76 provinces already affected.

"The flood is worse than last year as it is more prolonged and affects more people," Pavinee Yupiasert, head of the relief division of the Thai Red Cross Society Relief and Community Help Bureau told IRIN on 14 September, noting, however, that the situation was now "under control".

According to Thailand's Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM), more than 760,000 people have been affected by seasonal flooding since July, with at least 83 deaths reported. "We expect water levels will rise and the flooding will continue, especially in the middle of Thailand," Pongsapron Sirisakorn, DDPM's operation section chief, said.

Flash flood and landslide warnings are now in effect in six provinces, with residents of low-lying areas being told to evacuate and move their belongings to higher ground. Rescue teams have been dispatched to provide food and other supplies to those affected.