ADF loan for food security, environment

The African Development Fund on Wednesday approved a US $7.91 million loan to the island nation of Cape Verde to finance an environment and food security project.

The five-year project targets two catchment basins on Santiago Island, one of the largest and most populous islands in the West African archipelago, where it aims to increase agricultural production by improving soil conservation and water catchment.

The loan is also be used to train beneficiaries on new farming techniques and food conservation methods, and to help them organise themselves into micro-economic associations, the African Development Bank said in a news release.

HIV/AIDS and water-borne disease sensitisation would also be conducted to help improve people's health, it added.

The ADF, established in 1972, is the small-loans branch of the African Development Bank Group and mainly focuses on poverty reduction. The Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa is the other donor supporting the project.