Refugees flee to Zambia in significant numbers

More than 2,000 refugees, many of them in poor physical condition, have fled the DRC conflict and entered northern Zambia since the beginning of the year. "There is a large movement of refugees on the northern border of Zambia with the DRC," Kelvin Shimo of UNHCR in Lusaka told IRIN. Shimo
said an average of 50 DRC refugees a day were entering Zambia through Kaputa and Sumbu, and that from the start of April until this Monday, 737 refugees had arrived from DRC. The refugees, currently in transit camps in Kaputa and Sumbu, would be moved to Mwange camp in Mporokoso to join 19,500 other refugees, mostly from the DRC, Shimo added.

[for additional details, see IRIN-SA report, Zambia: Refugee numbers increase [2000412]