The Integrated Regional Information Network (IRIN) is a leading provider of multimedia humanitarian news and analysis ( IRIN is presently seeking applications for the following positions:


IRIN is interested in hearing from experienced multimedia journalists with creative ideas who are interested in contributing to IRIN.

In order to be considered, please send us your CV with a covering note, which must include some story ideas suitable for IRIN's specialist humanitarian subject area. Mail us at

Expressions of interest from Francophone countries may be sent in French. We'll get back in touch only if we feel there's a good fit.

Currently, we are looking for stringers in the following locations:
Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Chad, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Geneva, Guinea, Iraq, Lesotho, Mauritania, New York, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sudan (Khartoum and South Sudan), Syria, Washington DC, Brussels and Yemen.