In-Depth: A global food crisis

Thousands of farmers have been affected

Global sugar demand leaves Cambodian farmers landless

PHNOM PENH, Song Kong, a 56-year-old farmer in Cambodia's southern Koh Kong Province, vividly recalls the day in 2006 when a bulldozer arrived and began clearing his paddy field to make room for a sugar plantation. Since then, life has become much worse for him and 456 other families who also lost their land in Sre Ambel District.

“Before my farmland was taken from me, I was able to save at least US$1,000 every year. Now, I don't have any land, so I rely on fishing in the rice fields and streams,” said Kong, a representative of the community. He earns between US$1.25 and $2.50 per day - not enough for his family of six to live on - so there is nothing left to put aside for a safety cushion, or plan for a better future. full report

Increased hunger more 

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Where to watch prices
Against a global background of steadily climbing food prices, IRIN lists a selection of websites that offer some useful insights into how, why and where food is becoming more expensive.
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Health affected more 

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Reduced growth more 

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Threat of unrest more 

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CHAD: Prices hike, teachers strike
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Film - Kenya's Unga Revolution
Throughout 2011, Kenyans have battled with rising prices of food and fuel, especially unga, or maize flour, the staple food for millions. IRIN's new film, Kenya's Unga Revolution, follows activist Emily Kwamboka as she takes to the streets to demand the government do something to help address the plight of ordinary Kenyans.
Government intervention more 

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Opportunities? more 

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