In-depth: Zimbabwe's Humanitarian Crisis

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Aid money almost too tight to mention

JOHANNESBURG, 12 March 2009 (IRIN) - The international humanitarian community's most important tool for raising resources for action in Zimbabwe, the Consolidated Appeals Process (CAP), is out of date and in need of revision. The question is whether appealing for more funds to keep pace with worsening conditions will actually translate into enough money to remedy them. full report

Governance more 

Who controls the water determines the severity of cholera
Hardliners frustrating release of detainees
Abduction threatens unity government
Underwhelming confidence in power-sharing deal
The darkness before the dawn?
Tracking the descent

Economy/survival more 

Crynos Mufombori, "My heart bleeds for the school children"
A donor-dependent region seeks to bail out Zimbabwe
Remittances saved the country from collapse
Teachers dig their heels in over dollars
94 percent of schools fail to open
Inflation at 6.5 quindecillion novemdecillion percent

Cholera more 

On the cholera frontline
30 strains of cholera as death toll approaches 4,000
Too much cholera, too little food - UN mission
Zimbabwe's health crisis goes way beyond cholera
Worst-case cholera scenario getting worse
Political deal will not stem cholera deaths – MDC

Food security

Hunger greater than previously thought
Corruption bedevils farming inputs
South Africa goes ahead with urgent aid

Neighbours more 

Siniukai Madondo, "We were thinking when we came off the train we'd find jobs"
One-stop 72-hour process to legalize Zimbabweans
Is it time to go home?
Arrest sours plans for leaving Botswana
Farewell South Africa, but not just yet