Central African Republic

A failed state implodes

Since a coup in March 2013, any semblance of law and order in the Central African Republic has vanished. The state has ceased to exist. As rebels-turned-bandits, mostly Muslim, battle Christian self-defence units, violence is spiraling out of control. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes. As world powers finally begin to intervene, IRIN presents a detailed, analytical picture of events in a country on the brink of catastrophe.

  • News

    CAR clerics lobby for peace

    31 January 2014
    The archbishop and the imam make an impressive double act, picking up each other's cues, and batting topics back and forth between them. The Central...
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    Troops shield aid convoys in CAR

    24 January 2014
    As humanitarian needs mount amid unrelenting violence in the Central African Republic (CAR), getting relief supplies into and across the country is proving to be...
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    Major food crisis looms in CAR

    16 January 2014
    Farmers in the Central African Republic (CAR), which has been immersed in violence since a coup in March 2013, urgently need more seeds and tools...
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    CAR struggles for reconciliation

    14 January 2014
    The recent change of leadership in the Central African Republic (CAR) offers a glimmer of hope for an end to sectarian violence, but earlier interviews...
  • Analysis

    CAR violence prompts genocide fears

    27 November 2013
    Shocked by an escalation of killings, rapes and other abuses committed by Muslims against Christians, and vice versa, in the Central African Republic (CAR), leading...