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The climate loss and damage mechanism: whys and why nots?

JOHANNESBURG - For poor countries "loss and damage" incurred as a result of a changing climate - with citizens being forced to relocate, give up on their land, cultural identity and their right to human dignity - are crucial issues.
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The Gathering Storm - Asia
The Gathering Storm - Africa
Bolivia's Changing Climate

Environment more

Land disputes gnaw at Côte d'Ivoire’s forests
Climate shocks will hurt poverty targets
A new climate economy
Grass could tame global warming gases

Food security more 

Cattle in poor countries produce more earth-warming gases
Uncertainty flourishes in a warming climate
Analysis: Coping with volatile weather in Laos
In Kenya, climate change to create new breadbaskets

Health, water and sanitation more 

When the water runs dry, the ideas flow
Could Sri Lanka get irrigation boost from ancient reservoirs?
Worrying climate outlook for West Africa’s Volta basin
Pakistan’s coast - where the sea is an enemy not a friend

Natural Disasters more 

Shrinking the financial fallout of natural disasters
Small disasters neglected despite big impact
Following the money
Bolstering disaster risk reduction in Timor-Leste
Displaced more 

IPCC "conservative" on sea level rise
Lifeline to “climate refugees”?
ETHIOPIA-SOMALIA: The cost of being a good neighbour
VIETNAM: Sea-level rise could "displace millions"
Conflict more 

CLIMATE CHANGE: Beyond the hype of 'climate wars'
BURKINA FASO: Cross-border land conflict risks
AFRICA: Climate change and conflicts
KENYA: Drought exacerbating conflict among pastoralists


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NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
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