In-depth: Tomorrow’s Crises Today: The Humanitarian Impact of Urbanisation

GLOBAL: Introduction

A young girl carries a bag of recyclable items she has found while rummaging through piles of rubbish in the neighborhood of Manchiat Nasser, Cairo, Egypt, March 2007
NAIROBI, 5 September 2007 (IRIN) - Somewhere, some time this year, a baby will be born on the 25th floor of a city hospital or the dirt floor of a dark slum shack; a first-year college graduate will rent a cramped apartment in lower Manhattan or a family of five will finally concede their plot of farm land to an encroaching desert - or sea - and turn towards Jakarta or La Paz or Lagos in search of a new livelihood and a new home. The arrival of this family or graduate or baby will tip the world’s demographic scale and, for the first time in history, more than half the human population will live in cities. full report

Other Feature Articles
Drowning in Disaster
The Growth of Cities: a thousand monsters stir
Hostages to Governance: life for the city-bound poor
Urban Conflict - fighting for resources in the slums

Water and Health in the City more 

NEPAL: Impoverished urban squatters face high risk of poor health
ZIMBABWE: Greater centralisation threatens city's water supplies
IRAQ: Insecurity and lack of funds prevent cleansing of polluted sites
GLOBAL: Health, environment threatened by future urban growth


Employment and Food Security more 

SIERRA LEONE: “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop”
NIGER: Teacher strikes and student protests “jeopardising”education
Ancilla Riziki: “We live on rich people’s garbage”
ZIMBABWE: Poor quality garbage tells a tale


Sex in the City more 

SWAZILAND: Hard times raise levels of abuse
Alaa al-Bouz, Beirut, “I was taken to an orphanage when I was too young to even remember"
UGANDA: Glum HIV/AIDS outlook for Kampala's slum dwellers
ETHIOPIA: Urban farming boosts families affected by HIV


Housing, Land and Governance more 

PAKISTAN: Cities teem with homeless, vulnerable people
EGYPT: Locals help transform their shanty town
SOUTH AFRICA:Winter freeze highlights homeless crisis
IRAQ: Drug abuse among children on the rise


Natural Disasters and the Environment more 

IRAQ: River Tigris becoming a graveyard of bodies
KENYA: Earthquake scare highlights emergency response weaknesses
NEPAL: Densely-populated Kathmandu facing increased earthquake risk
NIGERIA: Chlorine gas from water plant kills three in southeast


Violence in the City more 

OPT: Gaza violence hampering aid deliveries, say humanitarian workers
GUINEA: Soldiers continue looting after president concedes to demands
MOZAMBIQUE: Lynchings symptom of state failure
PAKISTAN: Karachi violence stokes renewed ethnic tension


Latest Urban Risk reports more 




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Poverty Goes to Town: How the growth of cities affects the urban poor

Drowning in Disaster

The Growth of Cities: a thousand monsters stir

Hostages to Governance: life for the city-bound poor

Urban Conflict - fighting for resources in the slums



 Afghanistan - Returnees struggle to find shelter
 Urbanization in Angola
 Egypt - City of the Dead
 Kenya - Slum Survivors
 Pakistan - Ibrahim Haidery settlement in Karachi
 Pakistan - Bangladeshi family living in Machar (Mosquito) colony
 Yemen- Al-Mehwar slum

Water & Health in the City

Natural Disasters & the Environment

Sex in the City

Housing, Land and Governance

Employment & Food Security

Violence in the City


Interview with Mike Davis, author of hard-hitting Planet of Slums (2006)

Interview with Helene Gayle, CARE International president and CEO

Interview with David Satterthwaite, former head and current chief researcher for IIED

Rasna Warah, writer of UN Habitat’s, “State of the World’s Cities 2006/7

Nairobi People’s Settlement Network Interview

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