Afghanistan's deepening migration crisis

Forced back to war

Rohullah Qaderi faces deportation from Germany even though he was beaten and escaped death threats and a kidnapping attempt back in Afghanistan.

Rakshe Kanwal is forced to choose between staying in her native Pakistan or taking her children to Afghanistan where her husband has been deported.

Rezwan was deported from Iran straight to his mother’s funeral in Afghanistan after Iranian border guards shot and killed her as they made their way to Turkey.

These are just a few of the stories of people caught up in a migration crisis that threatens to overwhelm Afghanistan. Refugees are no longer welcome in neighbouring countries, or in Europe, even though the war at home is getting worse and record numbers of people are fleeing their homes due to violence.

The government is ill-equipped to deal with the crisis, and the UN has launched an emergency appeal for funds to help an estimated one million people on the move in Afghanistan this year alone.