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More than a year into our spin-off from the UN, the new IRIN has positioned itself as a leading independent voice in the humanitarian sector that is shaping the debate about crisis response. 

This page tracks our progress, marking expansions in audience, product portfolio and geographic reach as we continue to produce unique, often ground-breaking work that is garnering praise from aid, government and media circles alike.

July to September


  • Saudi Arabia exclusively invites Middle East Editor Annie Slemrod for rare meetings with its military and humantiarian officials 
  • IRIN hires Miranda Grant, award-winning multimedia journalist and digital producer, as multimedia producer
  • IRIN's staff from around the world come together for the annual team meeting in Geneva

April to June 2016

Sudan's forgotten front


  • Senior UN human rights official Anders Kompass' exclusive commentary on why he resigned from the UN becomes IRIN's most read piece since January 2015.
  • IRIN's new investigative unit, spearheaded by co-founder and former CEO Ben Parker, begins to publish investigations.
  • IRIN reports live from the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul.

March 2016

Mongolian herders in search of pasture
Joanna Chiu/IRIN


  • IRIN’s influence on policy-makers continues as an IRIN story is cited in the High-Level Panel on Humanitarian Financing’s report to the Secretary General.
  • An IRIN article on Afghan refugees in Europe republished by a Swiss daily newspaper leads a reader to pledge a large donation to the Afghan family interviewed in the article.
  • IRIN increases its production of data visualisations, making complicated statistics more digestible for readers and social media friendly.

February 2016

The Aegean’s nameless dead
John Psaropoulos/IRIN


  • In February, IRIN launched its new web platform, enabling it to deliver more dynamic and visual content on a clearer and faster platform.
  • IRIN announced its newly constituted legal entity in Geneva, IRIN Association, its new board of directors, and the launch of its new website with a press release andletter to readers shared in the Geneva International Newsletter.
  • IRIN's review of the UN secretary-general’s vision for humanitarian reform and its synthesis and analysis of proposals for reform were widely praised and shared in the lead-up to the World Humanitarian Summit.