Anna Jefferys

  • Feature

    When to aid refugee hosts

    19 November 2013
    Since April, when the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) started biometric registration of the Malian refugees in Mauritania's Mbera camp, 8,000 of the 68,000 registered refugees...
  • Feature

    How to help nomadic refugees

    11 November 2013
    Nomadic or semi-nomadic populations often struggle when hemmed into refugee camps. They are used to having a lot of space and being mobile, and they...
  • News

    NGOs look to new aid funding model

    6 November 2013
    In 2010, prominent UK-based international NGOs joined forces to manage an emergency rapid response fund (ERF), which aimed to provide quicker, more cost-effective, impartial aid...
  • News

    Pitching in to prevent malnutrition

    14 October 2013
    Malnutrition among children under age five in the Sahel is expected to rise again this year, despite decent rains and more or less average harvest...
  • Analysis

    Humanitarians must take more risks

    6 August 2013
    Rapid change has always marked the humanitarian enterprise, but the pace of change feels like it has accelerated, partly driven by technological innovations which are...
  • Analysis

    The UN in 2023

    31 July 2013
    The UN and other aid agencies face ever-increasing levels of humanitarian need: the number of recorded disasters has doubled in the past two decades, according...