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  • News

    Tsetse fly science could save lives

    28 May 2014
    Scientists have welcomed the development of genome sequence data on the tsetse fly, the vector responsible for the transmission of human African trypanosomiasis (HAT), commonly...
  • Analysis

    Climate change, science and tradition

    23 May 2014
    In the latest of several partnerships between tradition and modern science aimed at improving resilience to climate change, pastoralists and meteorologists in Tanzania are working...
  • Feature

    Remittance rip-offs

    22 April 2014
    All over the world migrant workers are sending money home to their families. The money pays hospital bills and school fees, buys land, builds houses...
  • Analysis

    Modernization versus Africa’s urban poor

    4 February 2014
    Plans to reshape and modernize African cities, in part driven by investment, architecture and construction companies seeking new markets, could deepen existing social inequalities, according...