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YEMEN: Red Sea volcano threatens nearby farmland, say officials
17 January 2008 (IRIN ), The Environmental Emergencies Department (EMD) at Yemen’s Ministry of Water has warned that the volcano on Jabal al-Tair, a tiny island in the Red Sea close to the Yemeni coast, might cause environmental damage to nearby areas. The warning comes after continuous volcanic eruptions on the island since December 2007.
LEBANON: Al-Qaeda now unleashed and targeting internationals, warn analysts
16 January 2008 (IRIN ), The attack on a US embassy vehicle on 15 January that killed three Lebanese represents a dangerous expansion of political violence in the country to include international targets, and shows that al-Qaeda-inspired extremists are attempting to push the politically deadlocked country towards civil war, said analysts.
EGYPT: Poverty driving young to risk deadly boat journeys
16 January 2008 (IRIN ), When two boatloads of would-be Egyptian migrants sank off the coast of Sicily in early November and many people died or were never found, the Egyptian media highlighted what has become a growing problem.
YEMEN: Government distributes free mosquito nets in bid to beat malaria
15 January 2008 (IRIN ), The National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) at the Ministry of Health on 15 January launched a national campaign to combat malaria in 15 out of the 21 governorates. The campaign runs for 13 days and aims to get the nation prepared ahead of the summer season when an epidemic is expected.
LEBANON: Ahmed Hassan, Lebanon: "It felt like a kind of resistance to celebrate and dance despite everything"
15 January 2008 (IRIN ), When we celebrated our engagement during the 2006 July War, the Israelis bombed Abdeh, on the edge of Nahr al-Bared and we ended up in the shelters. Then the fighting delayed our wedding.
EGYPT: Residents of Nile island face eviction
15 January 2008 (IRIN ), During daytime, the Nile island of al-Qursaia, a 20-minute taxi ride south of downtown Cairo, looks like a green paradise of sugar cane plantations and profuse clover fields amid the city’s grey-brown, dust bedraggled high-rise buildings. On a Friday night, wedding parties acclaim tying the knot of newly-weds on the nearby bank. On the island, nobody is in the mood to celebrate.
ISRAEL-OPT: Palestinian camp residents sceptical over Bush visit
14 January 2008 (IRIN ), Many residents of Qalandia refugee camp, just outside Ramallah, felt more frustrated than excited by the recent visit of US President George W Bush to Israel and the West Bank. Others were simply apathetic.
ISRAEL-SUDAN: Five hundred Sudanese receive temporary protected status
14 January 2008 (IRIN ), The Israeli Ministry of the Interior has begun to distribute Israeli ID cards to hundreds of refugees from the war-ravaged Darfur region of Sudan, granting them transient residency. The process of reaching all the refugees is expected to take several weeks.
YEMEN: Government says it can no longer cope with more African migrants
14 January 2008 (IRIN ), Poverty-stricken African migrants - mostly from the Horn of Africa - have been streaming into Yemen for the past 16 years. Now the Yemeni government says, with its limited resources, it is no longer able to receive new arrivals.
EGYPT: Poultry sellers ignore live sales ban despite new bird flu cases
13 January 2008 (IRIN ), Fifteen new suspected cases of the deadly H5N1 strain of the avian flu virus were reported last week in five governorates in Egypt as government measures to strengthen national pandemic preparedness provoked mixed reactions in Cairo's streets.

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