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IRAQ: Rayhan Nasir, Iraq: “We never saw my father again”
4 October 2007 (IRIN ), The last time we saw my father was on 23 August 2005. We never saw him again. Since that date we have been searching for him but cannot get any information. Police officers tell us that probably he has been killed...
IRAQ-JORDAN: First death registered among refugees at border
4 October 2007 (IRIN ), A woman from a group of 193 Iranian-Kurd refugees who have been stranded at the border of Jordan and Iraq for the past two and a half years became the first fatality there after she died on 2 October as a result of a disease complication, according to refugees at the camp and international and local relief organisations.
OPT: Few legal options for abused Palestinian women, say activists
3 October 2007 (IRIN ), Palestinian female victims of domestic violence have little chance of escaping their situation or bringing the perpetrators to justice as they face a legal system stacked in favour of the accused and a prevailing attitude that places blame on the victim, women's rights experts said.
ISRAEL-OPT: Gaza squeezed by steady decline in imports, closure threats
3 October 2007 (IRIN ), The UN has expressed renewed concern over the state of the Gaza Strip's border crossings, saying that, if realised, the Israeli threat of increased restrictions would most likely lead to a humanitarian crisis in the impoverished enclave.
YEMEN: Red Sea volcano still active, say specialists
3 October 2007 (IRIN ), The head of the Ministry of Oil’s Geological Survey Authority (GSA), Ismael al-Janad, told IRIN on 2 October that the volcano which erupted on the tiny island of Jabal al-Tair in the Red Sea on 30 September was still active. "It will take time to calm down," he said.
IRAQ: Difficult to access the needy in Diyala Province, say aid workers
3 October 2007 (IRIN ), The humanitarian situation in Diyala Province, eastern-central Iraq, is deteriorating because of continuing tension between armed factions and the difficulty of accessing internally displaced persons and the needy, said local aid workers.
JORDAN: “Honour” killings pose serious challenge to rule of law
2 October 2007 (IRIN ), According to police records, every year 20-25 women are killed “in the name of honour”, that is, for having an illicit affair. The killers, and conspirators, get away with murder, after spending a few months in prison. At least nine women have been killed since the beginning of this year for “honour” reasons.
IRAQ: Scabies said to be rife in several Iraqi prisons
2 October 2007 (IRIN ), Bad hygiene in several Iraqi prisons has caused prisoners to become infected with scabies, and no treatment is being given, according to a non-governmental organisation (NGO) dealing with prisoners.
SYRIA: UNHCR presses for “humanitarian visas” as Syria closes border to Iraqis
2 October 2007 (IRIN ), The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is continuing to push for “humanitarian visas” for Iraqi refugees after Syria once again closed its borders to the continuing influx of refugees fleeing Iraq. UNHCR witnesses at the Syria-Iraqi Al-Tanf border crossing on 1 October reported that entry was closed to refugees, with “only commercial drivers receiving visas”.
LEBANON: International tug of war complicating Lebanon’s election outcome
1 October 2007 (IRIN ), Lebanon's tussling factions are headed for a stalemate, settlement, or war, and international actors as much as local ones will decide which, analysts say. The presidential vote which was to be held on 25 September was deferred until 23 October after lawmakers failed to find a consensus candidate.

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