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OPT: Dozens of Palestinians sift through rubbish tips to survive
30 September 2007 (IRIN ), For some West Bank Palestinians rubbish has become not only a livelihood but the only method of survival they know. Many dozens of Palestinians across the territory, including children, work at landfill sites, trying to earn a meagre living.
IRAQ: Khitam Bahir, Iraq, “I no longer recognise my insurgent son”
27 September 2007 (IRIN ), I no longer recognise my son since he turned into an insurgent. He used to be a very popular, easy-going and modern person but now he has changed completely. He has decided to fight US-troops, even if he is killed.
YEMEN: Rebellion in north causing psychological problems, say aid workers
27 September 2007 (IRIN ), Aid workers in Yemen say they are working to assist residents in the northern province of Saada who have developed psychological problems in the aftermath of clashes between government forces and supporters of rebel leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi.
IRAQ: Compensation for damaged property inadequate, say Diyala residents
26 September 2007 (IRIN ), Residents of Diyala Province, northeast of Baghdad and adjacent to the Iranian border, say the payments they will get from the Iraqi government are insufficient compensation for the damage caused to their property by US and Iraqi forces in recent military operations.
IRAQ: Travel restrictions considered as cholera spreads
26 September 2007 (IRIN ), The Iraqi government will impose travel restrictions in the country if more cases of cholera are confirmed after a warning by the World Health Organization (WHO) that the disease was spreading in Iraq.
ISRAEL-OPT: Israeli incursion into West Bank refugee camp causes destruction, fear
26 September 2007 (IRIN ), Residents of the Ein Beit Alma refugee camp began to pick up the pieces after an intense Israeli military incursion last week left dozens homeless, and many very frightened, especially children. The fighting with Palestinian militants also caused damage to sewer systems, residents said.
SYRIA: Oil price rises could provoke unrest
25 September 2007 (IRIN ), Over 40 years of subsidising fuel and other vital commodities have benefited the rich more than the poor, encouraged smuggling and cost the state more than it can afford, say Syrian government officials.
IRAQ: Polluted Shat al-Arab threatens life, could spread diseases
25 September 2007 (IRIN ), High rates of contamination in Iraq's Shat al-Arab river, formed by the confluence of the Euphrates and the Tigris in the southern province of Basra, threaten life and could spread disease, a specialist told IRIN on 24 September.
IRAQ: Nadia Abdel-Qudoos, Iraq, “Sectarian violence is forcing me to choose my friends”
25 September 2007 (IRIN ), Shia militias from Kadhimiyah, the Baghdad neighbourhood in which I live, came to my house a couple of months ago and told my family that if I didn’t keep away from my Sunni and Christian colleagues in college, we were going to pay the price of what they called `betrayal’
YEMEN: People struggling with drought on Socotra island
25 September 2007 (IRIN ), Socotra, a small group of Yemeni islands in the Indian Ocean close to the Horn of Africa - and in broad bio-geographical terms closely linked with Africa - has been hit by a severe drought. It started about two months ago, causing a water shortage and the deaths of hundreds of animals, say government officials.

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