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ISRAEL-OPT: Violence, lack of land access, make for bitter olive harvest
29 October 2007 (IRIN ), Autumn in the West Bank is usually a festive season when families harvest the olives together but this year's Palestinian crop has again been marked by violence and restrictions on land access.
IRAQ: Number of girls attending school dropping, say analysts
29 October 2007 (IRIN ), Education specialists in Iraq are worried about the low school attendance of girls as it could create a huge educational gap.
LEBANON: Five months after displacement, little plan for Nahr al-Bared’s refugees
28 October 2007 (IRIN ), Souad al-Sayyed still camps with her children in a classroom strung with washing lines, two months after the battle for Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon ended. Souad finds little comfort in the news that her time is up in her temporary home at a public school in Beddawi refugee camp, near the devastated camp.
IRAQ: Mental problems and stress disorders increase
25 October 2007 (IRIN ), Salah Hashimy, 14, has lost his parents, sisters and many friends since the US-led invasion in 2003; finally there was no one to look after him. He lacks education, love and support, a combination that, according to doctors, caused his mental health problems.
ISRAEL-OPT: Gaza residents unable to get medical care, aid workers say
25 October 2007 (IRIN ), Dozens of patients in the Gaza Strip are unable to receive medical treatment, in some cases life-saving procedures, due to the continued border closures with Israel and Egypt, health officials and international aid workers said.
HORN OF AFRICA-YEMEN: IOM to create database for African migrants
25 October 2007 (IRIN ), The International Organization for Migration (IOM) office in Sanaa is to create and manage a database that will register migrants and asylum seekers from Africa who have arrived in Yemen by sea after crossing the Gulf of Aden, according to Stefano Tamagnini, head of office.
IRAQ: Child prisoners abused and tortured, say activists
25 October 2007 (IRIN ), Iraqi NGOs have raised concerns about the condition of children in local prisons, saying they are abused and tortured during interrogation.
AFRICA: Slum Survivors - IRIN film released
24 October 2007 (IRIN ), Worldwide, more than a billion people live in slums, with as many as one million in Kibera, Africa’s largest such settlement, in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. Slum Survivors, IRIN’s first full-length documentary, tells some of their stories.
YEMEN: Aid agencies say humanitarian situation could worsen in north
24 October 2007 (IRIN ), Aid agencies are concerned that as tension looms between government forces and Shia rebels in the northern Saada province, near the border with Saudi Arabia, following sporadic clashes between them, the humanitarian situation in the area could deteriorate.
SOMALIA-YEMEN: Mohammed Hassan Ali, Somalia-Yemen: “What can I do with this kind of life?”
24 October 2007 (IRIN ), On the night of 10 October, as our boat was approaching the Yemeni coast, smugglers threw me into the sea along with 110 other passengers. I could hear some female passengers crying as the smugglers were beating us with sticks to leave their boat.

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