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YEMEN: Painstakingly slow progress on poverty reduction - international report
3 December 2007 (IRIN ), From what was historically known as `Arabia Felix’ - a land of prosperity and happiness - Yemen has become the most impoverished Arab country, a top-level international report says. It concluded that overall poverty reduction had been painstakingly slow and that people in urban areas had fared better than those in rural areas.
ISRAEL-OPT: Watching their flocks - Palestinian shepherds' livelihoods in jeopardy
2 December 2007 (IRIN ), Palestinian herders in the southern part of the West Bank are facing increased poverty due to rising costs of fodder and water, as well as limitations on their access to grazing land, the herders and UN officials said.
OPT-ISRAEL: Israeli High Court orders stay on Gaza power cuts
30 November 2007 (IRIN ), Israel's High Court instructed the state on 30 November not to cut power to the Gaza Strip pending clarification on exactly how electricity reductions would take place and what humanitarian impact they would have on the civilian population in the enclave.
MIDDLE EAST: Anti-bird flu measures in wake of Saudi outbreak
29 November 2007 (IRIN ), Most countries in the Middle East, especially those bordering Saudi Arabia, have taken measures to prevent bird flu after an outbreak of the disease there in early November. About four million birds have been culled in Saudi Arabia since 12 November, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.
IRAQ-JORDAN: New chance of education for Iraqi asylum seekers
29 November 2007 (IRIN ), Thousands of Iraqi asylum-seekers who were denied education as a result of the turmoil in their own country will now have a chance to finish their studies: Jordan's government has decided to launch new education projects for asylum seekers, according to officials and activists.
IRAQ-JORDAN: Iraq to give US$8 million to Jordan for hosting refugees
28 November 2007 (IRIN ), The Iraqi government will give Jordan US$8 million to help host the estimated 500,000 Iraqi refugees now living in the country.
IRAQ-SYRIA: More Iraqi refugees leaving Syria than entering
28 November 2007 (IRIN ), For the first time since the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, figures from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Damascus suggest that more Iraqi refugees are leaving Syria to return home than are entering the country.
Concern over increasing number of school dropouts
27 November 2007 (IRIN ), Yemeni education officials are concerned about the increasing rate of school dropouts, which they say have led to increasing illiteracy rates. According to the Ministry of Education’s Comprehensive School Survey for 2006, 46 percent of Yemen’s 7.4 million primary school age children do not attend school.
ISRAEL-OPT: A mixed bag on the Annapolis agenda
27 November 2007 (IRIN ), The following are some of the core issues to be negotiated by the Israelis and Palestinians at this week’s international conference at Annapolis, Maryland, USA, according to analysts and politicians on both sides.
ISRAEL-OPT: The humanitarian impact of Annapolis
27 November 2007 (IRIN ), Whatever happens in the Annapolis Middle East peace conference will affect another crucial conference – of the key donors to the Palestinians - which is scheduled to take place in mid December in Paris.

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