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SOMALIA: Six faction leaders demand postponement of peace talks
23 February 2004 (IRIN ), Six faction leaders participating in the Somali peace talks in Kenya, but who are currently in Somalia, have called on the organisers to postpone the opening of the third and final phase of the talks, and accused some of Somalia's neighbours of bias.
ETHIOPIA: US government wants Gambella violence investigated
23 February 2004 (IRIN ), The US government has called for "transparent, independent" inquiries into clashes in Ethiopia’s troubled western border region where hundreds have been killed.
KENYA: Women praise Kibaki's directive to drop tax on sanitary towels
23 February 2004 (IRIN ), Women in Kenya have praised President Mwai Kibaki's promise to waive heavy taxes levied on women's sanitary towels as a move which will greatly enhance women's reproductive health and reduce the costly burden of hygiene on poor women.
CONGO: Measles epidemic claims six lives in Sangha
23 February 2004 (IRIN ), A measles epidemic has claimed six lives in the region between Sembe and Souanke, two villages 185 km and 245 km west of the city of Ouesso, capital of Sangha Department in northern Republic of Congo, a departmental health official told IRIN on Sunday.
ANGOLA: Savimbi's ghost still haunts UNITA
23 February 2004 (IRIN ), This weekend saw the second anniversary of the death of Jonas Savimbi, founding president of Angola's former rebel movement, UNITA.
ETHIOPIA: Government lifts ban on journalists' association, court case postponed
23 February 2004 (IRIN ), A government ban on the country’s besieged independent journalists' association has been lifted ahead of court action seeking to overturn the ruling, officials told IRIN on Monday.
MALAWI: Tensions heighten ahead of elections
23 February 2004 (IRIN ), Reports that police had fired shots during an opposition rally at the weekend have raised fears that Malawi's upcoming May elections could be marred by violence.
TANZANIA: Youth airing their concerns
23 February 2004 (IRIN ), In the brightly lit television studio in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, producers issued last minute instructions to cameramen, make-up artists applied final touches to the guests and the presenter scribbled a few final lines on her note before the cameras rolled.
CONGO: Rwandan refugees in Sangha ready for repatriation
23 February 2004 (IRIN ), Some 1,000 Rwandan refugees residing in Sangha department of northern Republic of Congo have said they are interested in being repatriated, Roger Bouka-Owoko, communications officer for the Observatoire congolais des droits de l'homme (OCDH), a national human rights NGO, told IRIN on Sunday.
CONGO: Infrastructure key to reducing poverty, says Brazzaville archbishop
23 February 2004 (IRIN ), Roads, electricity and clean drinking water are easy and essential ways of enabling people to combat poverty, Anatole Milandou, the archbishop of Brazzaville, capital of Republic of Congo, told IRIN on Saturday.

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