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ETHIOPIA: Campaign launched to preserve national heritage
9 February 2004 (IRIN ), The government on Saturday warned that Ethiopia's historical and cultural artefacts were continuing to be plundered, and called for greater protection of its antiquities. It stressed in a statement that the looting was serving to obstruct ongoing vital survey work and research aimed at fully exploring and documenting the country's historical background.
KENYA: NGO appeals for nearly US $ 1m to support Kakuma refugees and host community
9 February 2004 (IRIN ), The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) has appealed for nearly US $1 million to provide 87,000 refugees at Kakuma, northern Kenya, with humanitarian aid, and to address issues affecting peace, conflict resolution and reconciliation between the refugees and their host community.
ETHIOPIA: Renewed fighting reported in the west
9 February 2004 (IRIN ), Renewed fighting has erupted in the western Gambella region bordering Sudan, claiming as many as 40 lives, according to UN and humanitarian sources. The clashes broke out just weeks after fighting had left up to 150 people dead in Gambella, officials told IRIN on Monday.
SUDAN: Gov't will not attend Darfur humanitarian access talks
9 February 2004 (IRIN ), The government of Sudan said on Monday it would not attend talks to discuss humanitarian access with rebels from the war-torn western Darfur region.
UGANDA: Peace campaigner could be deported, say security officials
9 February 2004 (IRIN ), Security officials in northern Uganda have recommended to President Yoweri Museveni's office that Father Carlos Rodriguez, a respected missionary and prominent campaigner for peace in the war-torn region, be deported for "spreading false information prejudicial to national security".
ANGOLA: Two more years before elections - MPLA official
9 February 2004 (IRIN ), Angola's opposition has reacted with surprise to news reports that the government was considering delaying elections until 2006.
SWAZILAND: WFP in talks with govt to help cover food pipeline shortages
9 February 2004 (IRIN ), The World Food Programme (WFP) has asked the Swazi government to help cover shortages in its food pipeline for 150,000 beneficiaries.
MOZAMBIQUE: Feature on cholera outbreak
9 February 2004 (IRIN ), The Mavalane Cholera Treatment Centre is a collection of tents and improvised shelter in the grounds of one of the main hospitals in the Mozambican capital, Maputo. It is in the front line of the government's atempts to tackle a new outbreak of the highly contagious disease.
zimbabwe: Mozambican traders allege harassment at border
9 February 2004 (IRIN ), Attempts by the Zimbabwean authorities to stamp out smuggling across its eastern border with Mozambique have resulted in increased friction with Mozambican traders, who accuse immigration officials of harassment.
COTE D'IVOIRE: Tension still runs high in the Wild West
9 February 2004 (IRIN ), Hundreds of Liberian refugees were lining up to receive their first ever ration of food aid in Bin Houye, a small town near the Cote d'Ivoire's volatile western frontier with Liberia, when the sound of gunfire sent the inhabitants of nearby villages running for cover into the bush.

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