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UGANDA: Road accidents claiming many lives - police
16 February 2004 (IRIN ), Police have expressed concern over fatal road accidents frequently occurring on the highways, especially that between the eastern town of Jinja and the capital, Kampala. At least 30 people died in the latest such accident on Saturday.
SUDAN: Special report II: Chad and the Darfur conflict
16 February 2004 (IRIN ), A year-old conflict pitting rebels against government forces and militia groups in the Darfur states of western Sudan has created a humanitarian crisis that has spilled over into neighbouring Chad, as well as concerns among some observers about the region’s stability.
UGANDA: Advocacy and peace groups raise concerns over LRA prosecution
16 February 2004 (IRIN ), The child rights group, Save the Children, has warned that the children in northern Uganda may suffer most if the International Criminal Court (ICC) decides to prosecute Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebels for war crimes, unless questions of child protection are raised before it proceeds to investigate the rebels.
GAMBIA: Seismic survey shows indications of offshore oil
16 February 2004 (IRIN ), President Yahya Jammeh has announced that an oil exploration well will be drilled later this year in Gambia's offshore waters in the light of encouraging results from a recent seismic survey.
KENYA: Focus on primary schools coping with HIV-positive pupils
16 February 2004 (IRIN ), Mary Waweru, a kindergarten teacher in Nairobi's sprawling Kawangware slums, has noticed that some of her pupils are increasingly absent from school due to ill health. Some of the young children have already been orphaned, being supported by charity organisations.
ZIMBABWE: New anti-corruption regulations "unconstitutional"
16 February 2004 (IRIN ), New anti-corruption regulations allowing Zimbabwean police to hold suspects accused of economic crimes for up to four weeks without bail are "unconstitutional", a human rights body said on Monday.
SOMALIA: Emergency assistance needed in the Nugal Valley
16 February 2004 (IRIN ), About 6,200 people living in the lower Nugal Valley of northeastern Somalia are in need of immediate emergency assistance, the monthly food security assessment report for January, produced by the UN Food Security Assessment Unit (FSAU), said.
CONGO: NGO denounces widespread violation of pygmy rights
16 February 2004 (IRIN ), A human rights NGO in the Republic of Congo has denounced what it says is the widespread violation of the rights of indigenous populations, commonly referred to as "pygmies".
BURUNDI: Cholera threat as water shortage hits commune
16 February 2004 (IRIN ), Two people have died of cholera and three other cases reported since 6 February in Gihanga commune in Burundi's northwestern province of Bubanza. Local officials fear that the disease could spread because of a prolonged water shortage.
Africa: Leaders set timetable for peer review
16 February 2004 (IRIN ), African leaders have agreed to start a review process on the key areas of good governance, democracy, human rights, transparency and domestic business environment under the peer review mechanism of the New Partnership for Africa's Development.

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