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ZIMBABWE: Food prices continue to rise
2 February 2004 (IRIN ), The price of a loaf of bread in Zimbabwe is expected to rise to Zim $3,500 (US $1)- the latest hike in the cost of basic food commodities - after an increase in the price of flour.
KENYA: Regional agricultural information network set up in Nairobi
2 February 2004 (IRIN ), A new initiative to strengthen food security and enhance economic growth in East Africa through a sustainable, long term partnership between governments, traders, producer associations, development and aid agencies has been set up in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.
COTE D'IVOIRE: Normality of a sort returns to rebel stronghold
2 February 2004 (IRIN ), It has taken sixteen months, but taxis are now back on the streets of Korhogo, one of the largest rebel-held towns in the north of Cote d'Ivoire.
LIBERIA: ICG warns donors ahead of conference to raise $500m
2 February 2004 (IRIN ), Donors will meet in New York on Thursday to raise nearly US$500 million for an emergency recovery programme in Liberia against a background of warnings that disarmament must be made to succeed and the country's transitional government is weak and unreliable.
MALI: 11 more cholera deaths reported in January
30 January 2004 (IRIN ), The cholera epidemic in Mali has been brought under control in most of the country, but continues unabated in the Mopti region, where a further 11 people died of the water-borne disease in January, Health Ministry sources said.
DRC: MONUC secures key locations to ease aid delivery
30 January 2004 (IRIN ), The UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, known as MONUC, has secured two strategic points that would enable a convoy of trucks carrying humanitarian aid to reach hunger-stricken population in parts of the eastern province of South Kivu.
SUDAN-CHAD: Sudanese bombs dropped on Chadian town, three killed
30 January 2004 (IRIN ), Sudanese bombs fell on the border town of Tine Chad on Thursday morning, instantly killing two Chadian civilians, one of them a two-year-old child, and wounding 15 others. One of the wounded died later in a hospital run by Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), following surgery to remove shrapnel.
BURUNDI: Plea for hunger-stricken residents of Kirundo
30 January 2004 (IRIN ), Residents of Burundi's northern province of Kirundo urgently need relief aid following months of poor rainfall that has resulted in low crop yields, an administrative official told IRIN on Friday.
SOMALIA: Annan appoints arms-embargo monitors
30 January 2004 (IRIN ), UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has appointed a four-man panel of experts to monitor violations of the arms embargo against Somalia over the coming six months.
DRC: Thousands of illegal diamond miners expelled
30 January 2004 (IRIN ), At least 10,000 Congolese, mostly illegal miners, have been expelled from Angola since December 2003 under inhumane conditions, a Congolese human rights organization said on Thursday.

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