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SOMALIA: US and EU express support for peace agreement
6 February 2004 (IRIN ), The US and the EU have expressed support for the recent agreement between the various Somali groups attending a peace conference in Kenya.
AFRICA: Conference delegates in Ethiopia call for end to FGM
6 February 2004 (IRIN ), African governments faced renewed demands on Friday to introduce and enforce tough laws to stamp out female genital mutilation (FGM) and protect the women of their countries. Leading health and human rights experts on the continent called for legislation to end the practice to which 2 million African women and girls in 28 countries are subjected every year.
ETHIOPIA: Ethnic violence leaves 18 dead in the east
6 February 2004 (IRIN ), Ethnic violence has left at least 18 people dead and several hundred homes burnt down in eastern Ethiopia, the country’s human rights organisation revealed on Friday.
CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Border reopening pegged to deployment of Congolese army
6 February 2004 (IRIN ), Leaders of the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo have agreed on the reopening of the common border between the two countries upon the deployment of Congolese troops along the northwest frontier of the DRC, a CAR official said on Thursday.
KENYA: Feature - Journalist paralysed by police torture appeals for presidential intervention
6 February 2004 (IRIN ), A Kenyan journalist attacked and maimed by state security agents in 1991, is appealing for the personal intervention of President Mwai Kibaki to expedite his case for justice, following a 12-year deadlock.
CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Bangui needs US $13.5 million for disarmament programme
6 February 2004 (IRIN ), The Central African Republic government requires seven billion francs CFA (US $13.5 million) to disarm, demobilise and rehabilitate some 7,765 former combatants in a programme scheduled to begin in March, a government minister said on Thursday.
RWANDA: WFP inaugurates school feeding programme
6 February 2004 (IRIN ), The UN World Food Programme (WFP) launched on Thursday a US $14.1-million school feeding programme aimed at increasing enrolment and attendance in drought-prone parts of Rwanda.
CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Law advisory body rejects taxation move
6 February 2004 (IRIN ), The Central African Republic's law advisory body, the National Transition Council, has rejected the authorisation by the country's leader, Francois Bozize, of tax collection in February, pending the adoption of the 2004 budget.
TANZANIA: UN official warns against towns growing out of control
6 February 2004 (IRIN ), The executive director of the UN Centre for Human Settlements, Anna Tibaijuka, warned on Friday of the dangers of Tanzanian cities growing too fast and becoming unmanageable.
ANGOLA: Govt calls for mediation in Cabinda
6 February 2004 (IRIN ), The Angolan government is seeking a mediator to resolve the separatist crisis in the enclave of Cabinda, according to news reports.

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