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Drought spells disaster for Somali herders
11 February 2016 (IRIN ), Two consecutive seasons of drought across northern Somalia are driving tens of thousands of pastoralists to hunger and debt.
Books not bombs for Sudan refugees
9 February 2016 (IRIN ), One of the first stops for people fleeing the conflict in Sudan’s South Kordofan region is the town of Yida, 20 kilometres across the border in South Sudan.
Briefing: The new Jihadist strategy in the Sahel
4 February 2016 (IRIN ), Security has been intense over the last few weeks in the Senegalese capital, Dakar, with police and soldiers on the streets, vehicle searches, and round-ups of alleged Islamist militants.
Burundi - nobody to the rescue?
29 January 2016 (IRIN ), It’s almost a given that African leaders meeting this weekend in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, will not override Burundi’s objections and endorse the deployment of a 5,000-strong intervention force to help end the violence in the troubled country.
Southern Africa’s food crisis in numbers
28 January 2016 (IRIN ), Southern Africa is facing the threat of extensive crop failures this year as a result of record low rainfall in a region in which 29 million people already don't have reliable access to enough affordable and nutritious food.
Oil crash exposes Angola’s era of excess
26 January 2016 (IRIN ), There’s never a good time for a drought, but this is a particularly bad period for Angola as it struggles to cope with shrinking revenues as a result of the global oil price crash.
The refugee camp that became a city
20 January 2016 (IRIN ), When Halima Abdi fled the civil war in Somalia with her young daughter, she hoped her stay across the border in Kenya’s Dadaab refugee camp would be short-lived.
Uganda’s Karamoja faces drought emergency
19 January 2016 (IRIN ), At least 640,000 people in Uganda’s northeastern Karamoja region – more than half its population – are facing food shortages as a result of a drought-affected harvest.
Can the UN patch things up in Congo?
15 January 2016 (IRIN ), A year ago, the Congolese army and MONUSCO, the UN peacekeeping force in the Democratic Republic of Congo, were supposed to launch joint operations to take on Rwandan Hutu rebels. Everything was planned down to the last detail, before a major difference of opinion stopped the effort in its tracks.
How a city in Tanzania holds the key to peace in Burundi*
13 January 2016 (IRIN ), At some stage, both sides in Burundi’s increasingly bloody political crisis are likely to be sitting across the table from one another in Arusha, Tanzania, looking to agree a political settlement.
Uganda feels the strain of the Burundi crisis
11 January 2016 (IRIN ), For the past three years, the war raging across Uganda’s northern border in South Sudan has been pushing its refugee-hosting abilities to breaking point. But it is now the simmering violence to the south in Burundi that could tip the situation over the edge.
Congo’s forgotten war: The militia of Mambasa
8 January 2016 (IRIN ), In spite of the death more than a year ago of key commander Paul Sadala, known as “Morgan”, his Simba militia continue to wreak havoc in Mambasa, a vast territory of more than 35,000 square kilometres in Ituri Province, in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo.
New Year, same old problems for Zimbabwe
7 January 2016 (IRIN ), Over the next three months, 1.5 million Zimbabweans will be short of food until the new harvest comes in – and even then it’s expected to be a meagre crop.
Boko Haram arrests worsen Cameroon prison conditions
6 January 2016 (IRIN ), Detention conditions in Cameroon's prisons are worsening as thousands of people suspected of having links with Boko Haram are thrown into jail. An ill-equipped court system fails to process the cases, while suspects languish indefinitely, and more and more arrive from the Far North Region each week.
Grappling with mental health challenges in Congo
5 January 2016 (IRIN ), Years of conflict in the northeastern Congolese province of North Kivu has created a host of mental health challenges that the region is ill-equipped to deal with. Fledgling organisations try their best to fill the gap, but without systemic change, there is scant hope of progress. And who will pay for that?
A cold wind blows for Nigerians made homeless by Boko Haram
5 January 2016 (IRIN ), The temperature is dropping across northern Nigeria as the seasonal Harmattan winds blow in a haze of dust from the Sahara, blotting out the sun for days on end. It’s miserable at the best of times, worse still if you’ve been made homeless by Boko Haram violence and don’t have decent shelter.
Briefing: What next for the Burundi peace process?
4 January 2016 (IRIN ), Talks aimed at a settlement to Burundi’s violent political divide are due to start in neighbouring Tanzania on Wednesday, but the government is taking a hard line over what it considers interference in its internal affairs. So how far apart are the parties and is there any hope of progress?
A look back at Ebola
28 December 2015 (IRIN ), 2015 will hopefully be remembered as the year West Africa saw the back of Ebola. However, this is by no means assured, and the scars of a virus that has shattered communities and taken more than 11,000 lives will take a long time to heal. West Africa Editor Jennifer Lazuta looks back at the year through a selection of stories from the region.
Will peacekeeper plan help end Burundi violence?
18 December 2015 (IRIN ), Plans for the African Union to deploy 5,000 peacekeepers to protect civilians in Burundi have been broadly welcomed, but will they help end months of deadly political unrest ignited by President Pierre Nkurunziza’s quest for a third term?
How Boko Haram is killing off farms
17 December 2015 (IRIN ), More than 17,000 farmers in northeastern Nigeria have been displaced by Boko Haram since 2012. Thousands of other young people, who were to inherit these lands, have also been killed. Many are now asking: what does the future hold for Nigerian agriculture?

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