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AFGHANISTAN: Floods cause destruction and displacement in Nangarhar
23 September 2007 (IRIN ), Flash floods killed three people, displaced dozens and destroyed at least 100 houses in the Khiwa District of Nangarhar Province in eastern Afghanistan, Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authorities (ANDMA) officials told IRIN on 23 September.
BANGLADESH: River bank erosion affects economy
23 September 2007 (IRIN ), Having abandoned their brick-built school nearby, students at the government primary school in Shibchar sub-district, Madaripur District, in south-central Bangladesh, take their lessons under a large banyan tree. The River Arial Khan, which was over 50 metres from the school before this year's annual monsoon floods, now flows against its plinth.
AFGHANISTAN: Returnees shun specially allocated housing sites
23 September 2007 (IRIN ), Many refugees who return to Afghanistan are unhappy about the land they’ve been given to establish new settlements. The government recently announced the location of 57 settlement areas in 29 provinces for Afghan returning from Pakistan and Iran. Finding land for returnees has been a problem and there are many people in need. The UN Refugee Agency UNHCR says 5 million Afghans have returned since 2002, this year 315000 more have come home. But many returnees say the land they are given is too far from provincial or district centres and in places don’t have transportation, drinking water, health clinics or schools. In Herat province just 19 out of 1,700 families have settled on land allocated to them one year ago. IRIN’s Zia Entezar reports …
AFGHANISTAN: UN backs peace drive
21 September 2007 (IRIN ), In the run-up to the International Day of Peace on 21 September, calls for peace have been mounting across Afghanistan.
AFGHANISTAN: Opium addiction an increasing problem in Afghanistan
20 September 2007 (IRIN ), The number of opium-addicts in volatile Helmand province has doubled this year, local health officials say. Over the some period opium production increased 17 % with most of Afghanistan’s opium coming from Helmand itself. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Helmand province alone has produced 50 percent of total amount of opium produced in Afghanistan in 2007. Experts say that easy availability of opium, lack of security and high unemployment rates are major reasons that have increased the number of drug abusers in the volatile province. IRIN’s Aziz Ahmad Tasal reports from provincial capital Lashkargah…
AFGHANISTAN: UN trying to verify civilian casualties with limited resources
20 September 2007 (IRIN ), The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) on 19 September rejected alleged implications in an IRIN report dated 5 September 2007 that it was seeking to be a “body-counting” authority in Afghanistan.
PAKISTAN: Illegal arms threaten peace across troubled NWFP
20 September 2007 (IRIN ), Arms, including sophisticated weapons such as missiles, rockets and automatic machine guns, are proliferating rapidly in Bannu, locals say, mainly due to fighting between pro-Taliban extremists and government forces taking place in tribal areas located along North West Frontier Province's loosely demarcated border with neighbouring Afghanistan.
AFGHANISTAN: Polio campaign could get boost on Peace Day
20 September 2007 (IRIN ), Humanitarian aid organisations and health bodies have expressed readiness to carry out a polio vaccination campaign in insecure parts of Afghanistan should armed conflicts cease on International Peace Day on 21 September.
SRI LANKA: Text messages help get tsunami alert out
19 September 2007 (IRIN ), Mohideen Ajeemal said his voice cracked with panic and he literally turned white when he received a 20-word text message on his mobile phone in the late afternoon of 12 September
BANGLADESH: Post-flood relief drive under way
19 September 2007 (IRIN ), The government of Bangladesh is undertaking a major post-flood relief effort after over two million people were affected by above average monsoon rains. Since the end of July 39 of the country’s 64 districts have been affected.

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