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SRI LANKA: Monks show solidarity with Myanmar protesters
4 October 2007 (IRIN ), A group of monks chanting from sacred Buddhist scripts is not a typical scene near the UN compound in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo, but 100 monks from Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand and Bangladesh were there to support the pro-democracy protests in Myanmar.
NEPAL: Former Maoist rebels threaten to disrupt elections
4 October 2007 (IRIN ), Concern is growing among politicians and foreign envoys that the elections for Nepal’s Constituent Assembly next month could be disrupted. The focus of their concerns is threats by former Maoist rebels to sabotage the elections unless the government fulfils their demands to implement a fully proportional electoral system and declare Nepal a republic in parliament.
AFGHANISTAN: Lack of agreement on how to tackle IDP issue in south
3 October 2007 (IRIN ), Thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in and around Kandahar city in southern Afghanistan need to be temporarily sheltered in a new camp and provided with urgent humanitarian assistance, provincial aid workers told IRIN.
NEPAL: Newly displaced fear to return home, seek security guarantees
2 October 2007 (IRIN ), Thousands of displaced people are fearful of returning to their homes in the Terai region of southern Nepal, after ethnic clashes forced them flee nearly two weeks ago, local human rights activists told IRIN. They say they have not received sufficient guarantees of their security.
AFGHANISTAN: Teenager hanged by Taliban in latest child killing
2 October 2007 (IRIN ), The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has condemned the hanging of a teenager boy by Taliban insurgents in Sangin District of volatile Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan. On 30 September armed Taliban men hanged a 15-year-old boy on charges of espionage for foreign forces based in Afghanistan, said Ezatullah Mujahid, the administrator of Sangin District.
PAKISTAN: Tented schools a reality for 800,000 quake-affected children
2 October 2007 (IRIN ), On 8 October 2005 at least 17,000 students and 900 teachers were killed in Pakistani-administered Kashmir and the country’s North West Frontier Province (NWFP), according to the UN. Eight thousand schools out of a total of 11,534 primary and secondary schools in the mountainous region were destroyed while nearly one million children needed school support.
BANGLADESH: Drowning leading cause of death among children
1 October 2007 (IRIN ), Hardly a day goes by in Bangladesh in which the media do not report a child’s death by drowning, with this year’s heavy monsoon rains only driving those numbers higher. In the last week over a dozen deaths - all of them children aged 16 months to 11 years old - were reported.
PAKISTAN: Landless quake victims to receive compensation
1 October 2007 (IRIN ), The Pakistani government has begun compensating those left landless by a devastating earthquake almost two years ago - a move likely to help thousands of quake victims rebuild their lives.
INDONESIA: Injecting more than drugs
28 September 2007 (IRIN ), For heroin addicts in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, the cheapest way to get a "fix" is entirely legal and provided by the government.
AFGHANISTAN: Thousands of civilians flee Taliban and bombing
27 September 2007 (IRIN ), In the last two months more than 2500 families left their homes in different districts of insurgency-hit Helmand, Urozgan and Kandahar provinces, according to provincial officials in Kandahar. Many displaced civilians who have traveled toward Kandahar city say they left their homes because Taliban insurgents forced them to join their ranks, feed and treat their wounded fighters and provide financial support to their war. Now the displaced civilians are asking for humanitarian assistance. More in the report from IRIN’s Sayed Sarwar Amani in Kandahar…

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