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CLIMATE CHANGE: In the Arab world, building fridges to live in an oven
5 December 2012 (IRIN ), In the last three decades, 50 million people in the Arab world have been affected by natural disasters, many of them extreme climate events, according to a new report by the World Bank. The report projects the horrific scenario of temperatures regularly rising to over 50 degrees Celsius by the turn of the century, which experts fear could lead to countless more disasters.
YEMEN: New challenges for aid worker security
14 November 2012 (IRIN ), Yemen has long been renowned as a place where foreigners, including aid workers, are at risk of kidnapping. On the brink of civil war last year, and with a still fluid social and political transition under way, new challenges for aid worker security are emerging, say experts.
Analysis: Dialogue and divisions in Yemen
6 November 2012 (IRIN ), Nearly a year after a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)-brokered deal set Yemen on a theoretical path towards political transition, the country remains deeply divided amid increasing poverty.
YEMEN: Sheikhs and shekels - the real cost of patronage
12 October 2012 (IRIN ), Sheikh Nasser Shareef grimaced as he described the state of public services in his tribal area in Marib Governorate, about 100km east of Yemen’s capital Sana’a. “Very bad. We don’t even have a police station. And hospitals and schools are empty. There’s no one and nothing inside them, no services,” he told IRIN.
Analysis: Where will Yemen’s aid money go?
28 September 2012 (IRIN ), Donors are pledging billions of dollars in aid for Yemen, but there are still many questions about where that aid will go, whether there is a capacity to spend it, and how it should be channeled. IRIN takes a look at the unfolding debate.
YEMEN: Women die as violence impedes antenatal care in Abyan
24 August 2012 (IRIN ), In June, after spending 11 months in a makeshift camp for people displaced by violence, 19-year-old Dawlah Muslih, then seven months pregnant, returned to her home in an area of Yemen where safety was supposed to have improved. It was a move her family would come to regret.
YEMEN: Time running out for solution to water crisis
13 August 2012 (IRIN ), The government of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh had taken strides to improve water access in Yemen in recent years. But last year’s uprising has pushed water down the list of priorities for the new government, according to aid workers and a government employee, with potentially devastating consequences.
Analysis: Patronage stalls Yemen’s transition
8 August 2012 (IRIN ), Nearly six months after his ousting from power, former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh continues to hold significant influence and control over military forces in the country. What are the new President’s prospects as he battles to stamp out patronage and gain control?
YEMEN: Water fights spark concern over refugee influx
20 July 2012 (IRIN ), Somali refugee Asmaa Abdullah, 35, and her three children, have been struggling to get water for more than a year in the run-down Safia neighbourhood of the Yemeni capital, Sana’a.
YEMEN: Abyan Governorate emerges from war
16 July 2012 (IRIN ), Damaged tanks, artillery pieces and other weaponry - some half-covered with sand - lie strewn on either side of the road about 12km west of Zinjibar city, capital of Yemen’s southern Abyan governorate.

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