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Ali Abdullah al-Moudai – Community liaison officer, Yemen (June 2013)
1 July 2013 (IRIN ), Ali Abdullah al-Moudai got a pay rise since IRIN last spoke to him in December 2012, but he says he struggles financially just as much as he used to, if not more. That is partly due to a new arrival in the family.
Deprivation, despair at a migrant dead-end in Yemen
27 June 2013 (IRIN ), In temperatures in the high forties around 1,000 Ethiopian migrants, sweating profusely, turn their backs to Saudi Arabia and start the walk south - away from the Yemeni border town of Haradh and their dreams of a new life.
Displacement, trauma in northern Yemen
27 May 2013 (IRIN ), Travelling through northern Yemen, the scars of a decade of internal conflict abound - bullet-pocked store fronts, bombed out homes, abandoned villages.
Analysis: The plight of LGBTI asylum seekers, refugees
7 May 2013 (IRIN ), Refugees and asylum seekers face a host of challenges when crossing borders, but the obstacles are particularly pronounced for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or intersex (LGBTI) persons, say experts.
In Brief: Raids free enslaved migrants/refugees in Yemen
2 May 2013 (IRIN ), The army in Yemen has started a crackdown on illegal smuggling hideouts in the north where migrants, refugees and asylum seekers from the Horn of Africa are frequently held against their will and tortured by criminal gangs looking for ransom money.
Arab cities aim to build resilience to natural disasters
29 April 2013 (IRIN ), Prevention may be better than a cure, but for the authorities in Arab cities and towns, natural disasters up to now have been largely about coping with them after they have taken place.
Migrant voices - Ethiopians in Yemen describe kidnapping and torture
11 April 2013 (IRIN ), Record numbers of migrants from the Horn of Africa are crossing into Yemen, most of them on their way to find better opportunities in Saudi Arabia and other rich Gulf countries. But many do not make it any further. Seeking a new life, they end up unwitting victims of a smuggling racket designed to exploit the migrants at each juncture of their journey.
Challenges in using micro-credit to help Yemen’s poor
21 March 2013 (IRIN ), Yemen has been a regional pioneer in micro-credit but are these loans lifting people about of poverty?
Disaster Risk Reduction in the Arab world
20 March 2013 (IRIN ), Nearly 300 government officials, scientists, aid workers and activists from across the Arab world are working together in Jordan to draw up the first joint regional platform for disaster risk reduction (DRR).
Middle East food security tracking tool launched
8 March 2013 (IRIN ), Aid workers and policy makers looking for easy access to malnutrition data in Yemen or how rainfall tends to vary in Syria can now turn to a handy web-based tool. Launched in February, the Arab Spatial aims to fill the information gap on food security in the region, ultimately leading to better development policies.

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