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UGANDA: Aid cuts threaten vital public services
17 December 2012 (IRIN ), Hundreds of millions of dollars in donor aid have been withheld from Uganda in recent months, threatening post-war rehabilitation in the northern region and key public investments across the country.
Analysis: New law fails to ease oil concerns in Uganda
13 December 2012 (IRIN ), Uganda's parliament recently passed a law to govern the exploration, development and production of the country's estimated three billion barrels of oil, a resource whose extraction will directly affect the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people.
UGANDA: Nnalongo Nakabuye, "Taking the drugs without food is taking yourself to the grave"
11 December 2012 (IRIN ), In October, a report by the Uganda AIDS Commission revealed that the country’s fishing community - considered one of the groups most at risk of contracting HIV - had inadequate access to life-prolonging antiretroviral drugs (ARVs). As of June 2012, just 948 of 6,225 fisherfolk in need of ARVs were receiving the drugs.
IDPs: African IDP Convention comes into force
6 December 2012 (IRIN ), The African Union Convention for the Protection and Assistance of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) 2009, also known as the Kampala Convention, came into force on 6 December; it is the world’s first legally binding instrument to cater specifically to people displaced within their own countries.
UGANDA: Profiles of infidelity, HIV vulnerability
30 November 2012 (IRIN ), Married or cohabiting couples are at a higher risk of HIV infection in Uganda than their single counterparts, with some studies finding that as many as 65 percent of new infections occur in long-term relationships. The prevailing culture, a hybrid of traditional mores and more modern, western values, accepts - even expects - men, and increasingly women, to have a "side dish" - a euphemism for a sexual affair.
UGANDA: Increasing support to survivors of sexual assault
29 November 2012 (IRIN ), A new initiative in which qualified village nurses and clinical officers provide free medical examinations and counselling services to survivors of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in Uganda could help to speed up the prosecution of such cases, say officials.
In Brief: Uganda's Gulu goes green, with help from some cows
27 November 2012 (IRIN ), As traditional sources of energy, such as paraffin and wood fuel, grow more expensive, smallholders in northern Uganda’s Gulu are embracing biogas - a renewable energy source produced from organic waste - to cook and to light up their homes.
UGANDA: Fishing communities missing out on HIV treatment
26 November 2012 (IRIN ), Fishing communities in in Uganda do not have adequate access to life-prolonging antiretroviral drugs (ARVs), posing a possible setback to the country’s fight against HIV, new statistics reveal.
DRC: Paths to peace in the Kivus
21 November 2012 (IRIN ), Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) President Joseph Kabila and his Rwandan and Ugandan counterparts, Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni, held crisis talks in Uganda a day after rebels captured the eastern DRC town of Goma, amid fears the situation could escalate into a much wider conflict.
HIV/AIDS: Despite progress, HIV efforts fall short
20 November 2012 (IRIN ), Record progress in reducing the number of new HIV infections and lowering the numbers of people dying from AIDS-related causes indicate that the end of AIDS is "entirely feasible". But the epidemic is not over in any part of the world, and is gaining pace in some.

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