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In Brief: Thai elections peaceful, say observers
5 July 2011 (IRIN ), Thailand's general elections were held in a peaceful and orderly manner, say observers, despite deep social divisions and recent political violence, with the opposition Pheu Thai party winning an absolute majority in the country's 500-seat parliament.
Analysis: High hopes - and concerns - for Thai elections
1 July 2011 (IRIN ), Thai voters go to the polls this weekend in what many see as a decisive step in the country's road to peace and reconciliation.
THAILAND: Cultural mainstreaming leaves MSM at high HIV risk
30 June 2011 (IRIN ), Gay rights activists in Thailand say a unique combination of muted discrimination and cultural mainstreaming of the gay and transgender community is to blame for a dangerous lack of knowledge about HIV among gay and transgender persons, especially the youth.
GLOBAL: Developing countries hardest hit by wildfires
28 June 2011 (IRIN ), Wildfires burn several hundred million hectares of vegetation around the world each year and appear to be growing in number and extent, but their impact on developing countries is particularly worrying, experts say.
RIGHTS: ILO milestone for domestic workers
17 June 2011 (IRIN ), Activists campaigning for the rights of domestic workers are celebrating the passing of the International Labour Organization's (ILO) convention recognizing domestic work as work. The convention is a long time coming and has brought the often invisible and abused to the forefront of protection, says a leading human rights agency.
In Brief: Child labour in Asia-Pacific region "alarming" - ILO
10 June 2011 (IRIN ), Forty-eight million children in the Asia Pacific region are involved in hazardous child labour - out of 115 million globally - according to a 10 June report by the International Labour Organization (ILO).
MYANMAR-THAILAND: Aid workers welcome Burmese refugee census
9 June 2011 (IRIN ), Aid workers have welcomed a “long overdue” headcount of Burmese refugees living in three of 10 camps along the Thai-Burmese border, hoping this will address the problems of thousands who are unregistered and thus missing out on vital services.
CAMBODIA-THAILAND: Border dispute hits de-mining efforts
7 June 2011 (IRIN ), Cambodia's ongoing border dispute with Thailand is undermining mine-clearance activities inside the country, specialists say.
THAILAND: Authorities release Ahmadi refugees
6 June 2011 (IRIN ), Ninety-six Ahmadi refugees and asylum seekers, including 33 children and a newborn baby, were released from Bangkok's International Detention Centre (IDC) on 6 June, six months since their arrest in December.
In Brief: Asian fishing fleets threaten oceans, says Greenpeace
3 June 2011 (IRIN ), The world's oceans are rapidly losing fish, with more than 85 percent of fish populations overexploited and Asian fishing boats largely responsible, Greenpeace says.

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