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Behind the scenes of the "most complex" refugee operation in the world
9 July 2013 (IRIN ), In the world’s largest camp for Syrian refugees, aid workers face a series of challenges, from riots in the desert sun to burnout. IRIN goes behind the scenes.
Containing disease in a Syrian refugee camp in Iraq
3 July 2013 (IRIN ), Aid agencies say overcrowded living conditions in Domiz (Duhok Province) - built for 25,000 refugees but now accommodating almost twice that number - have put refugees’ health at risk.
Clearing rubbish in Syria: A life-saving - and life-threatening - job
2 July 2013 (IRIN ), Solid waste disposal and collection has been severely disrupted in areas of Syria that are embattled or controlled by rebels. Instead, civil activist networks have sprung up, organizing committees of volunteers who sometimes have to contend with snipers and bombs when collecting rubbish.
Syria’s forgotten crisis: sanitation
2 July 2013 (IRIN ), Bombs, clashes and airstrikes have killed at least 92,000 in Syria, according to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. But millions of people - and more still across the region - are at risk due to something much less discussed: sanitation.
Analysis: Sectarian violence triggers Sunni-Alawi segregation in Syria
24 June 2013 (IRIN ), Shifts in Syria’s demography are becoming palpable, as both Alawis and Sunnis have been fleeing the worst hit areas of the conflict, often moving towards areas dominated by their own sect. This segregation could spell disaster for future reconciliation, experts say.
Overnight in Jordan’s Za’atari camp
20 June 2013 (IRIN ), IRIN reporter Heba Aly recently spent a night at Za’atari camp for Syrian refugees in northern Jordan, where she met new refugees arriving in the middle of the night. She filed this personal account of what she saw.
Injured from al-Qusayr battle struggle to get medical care
13 June 2013 (IRIN ), Syrian rebels injured in the battle of al-Qusayr have struggled to access healthcare. Some have ended up in a makeshift hospital in Lebanon.
Syria crisis puts Lebanese farmers at risk
13 June 2013 (IRIN ), In Lebanon’s Beka’a Valley, bordering Syria, some farmers have abandoned their fields as the fight between Syrian rebels and government forces has spilled onto their territory. Those who can still harvest have trouble selling their crops because export routes to and through Syria have been interrupted. Some are now resorting to selling their animals to make ends meet.
Analysis: Hard choices: When the Syria aid response runs out of money
11 June 2013 (IRIN ), Last week, the UN launched its largest ever appeal for $4.4 billion to help Syrians in need inside their country and in refugee settings throughout 2013. But as the needs continue growing, donors are increasingly fatigued. At this cost, is the aid operation sustainable?
For some, the best bad choice: Returning from refuge to Syria
10 June 2013 (IRIN ), An increasing number of refugees in Jordan have returned to Syria in recent weeks, abandoning the harsh life of a refugee camp for Syrian villages short of bread and safety.

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