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Will Islamic State allow polio drive?
2 September 2015 (IRIN ), The news that Syria had eradicated polio was one of the few positive pieces of news from the country this year. With so-called Islamic State cracking down on NGOs, the country is now at risk of another outbreak.
Europe doesn't have a migrant crisis, it has a Syrian crisis
2 September 2015 (IRIN ), Imagine Syria didn’t exist. The war never happened and no one had to flee. How would Europe’s migration crisis look then?
On World Humanitarian Day, a new idea to protect aid workers
18 August 2015 (IRIN ), The French NGO Action Against Hunger is proposing a radical new idea to protect aid workers from attack. But could it work?
The road to Damascus – key Syrian artery under threat
13 August 2015 (IRIN ), The M5 road, a key trade route for government-controlled Syria, is under fresh threat from the Islamic State. The impact could be huge.
Fact check: Is Turkey using ISIS as an excuse to fight the Kurds?
11 August 2015 (IRIN ), Is Turkey faking its commitment to taking on so-called Islamic State so it can go after its longtime Kurdish separatist foes?
After the airstrike - 'Civilian deaths' in Turkey attacks
5 August 2015 (IRIN ), Since Turkey restarted a bombing campaign targeting separatists, there have been allegations of civilians killed by airstrikes. Gaining rare access, IRIN went to investigate.
Dataviz: The civilians killed targeting ISIS
3 August 2015 (IRIN ), The US-led bombing campaign against the so-called Islamic State has killed hundreds of civilians in Iraq and Syria, despite official recognition of only two deaths, a new report has alleged.
Four reasons Syrian ‘safe zone’ unlikely to work
29 July 2015 (IRIN ), Turkey has announced the creation of a "safe zone" in Syria. Here's why it might not work.
Yarmouk camp no longer besieged, UN rules
24 July 2015 (IRIN ), Despite not being able to deliver food to the camp since March, the UN has quietly dropped the Palestinian camp from its list of besieged areas in Syria
Joined-up aid thinking in Lebanon
20 July 2015 (IRIN ), A country of only around four million citizens, Lebanon hosts more than a million Syrian refugees. With a global push to better link short-term and long-term aid, could the crisis be an opportunity to put theory into practice?

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