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NAMIBIA: More refugees want to return to Caprivi, UNHCR
20 April 2005 (IRIN ), The voluntary repatriation of refugees from Botswana to Namibia's Caprivi region has encouraged others to follow suit, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) told IRIN.
NAMIBIA: Fishing industry acknowledge HIV/AIDS
20 April 2005 (IRIN ), Namibian fishing companies are exchanging ideas on how to adapt existing policies to address the impact of HIV/AIDS on the workplace.
NAMIBIA: Govt prepares to tackle illegal arms trafficking
19 April 2005 (IRIN ), Namibia has launched a National Action Plan (NAP) as part of a regional initiative to tackle trafficking in illegal small arms and light weapons.
NAMIBIA: Govt launches plan to tackle arms trafficking
18 April 2005 (IRIN ), Namibia has launched a National Action Plan (NAP) to tackle trafficking in illegal small arms and light weapons.
NAMIBIA: Fishing industry on the line
14 April 2005 (IRIN ), Hopes of government relief for Namibia's beleaguered fishing industry - struggling to cope with a weak US dollar, high fuel prices and erratic catches - were dashed on Wednesday.
NAMIBIA: Emerging farmers need skills, collateral
7 April 2005 (IRIN ), Formerly disadvantaged Namibians who have taken up farming under the government's land reform programme are in dire need of skills and farm management training, as well as collateral for obtaining credit, according to a new report.
NAMIBIA: Textile factory closure leaves thousands without work
6 April 2005 (IRIN ), The imminent closure of one of the largest foreign-owned textile companies in Namibia is expected to deal a serious blow to the country's fledgling textile industry.
NAMIBIA: Sex education to be broadened in schools
5 April 2005 (IRIN ), The authorities in Namibia are seeking ways of strengthening sexual health education in schools to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS on youth.
NAMIBIA: Concerns over power shortage
4 April 2005 (IRIN ), Namibia has raised concerns over future power supplies after South Africa's power utility, Eskom, announced it could no longer provide a steady supply of electricity.
NAMIBIA: Govt announces plans to combat TB
1 April 2005 (IRIN ), Namibia, which has the highest tuberculosis (TB) notification rate in the world, this week announced a five-year action plan to combat the disease.

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