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MOZAMBIQUE: Hoping to reach the MDG on water
21 September 2010 (IRIN ), Every day Ster Mamboza, 37, covers 19 km on a bicycle over sand and gravel roads to the well at Machaze, in the southern Mozambican province of Manica, carrying two 20-litre plastic water containers and a two-month-old baby. It’s quite a balancing act.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: HIV-related cancer poorly diagnosed, treated
20 September 2010 (IRIN ), Kaposi's sarcoma (KS), an HIV-related cancer, may not make headlines in southern Africa, but dealing with this disfiguring and potentially deadly illness presents a daunting task for health workers.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: Social transfers reduce poverty
17 September 2010 (IRIN ), Southern African countries have some of the world's worst income distribution, but can often afford social transfers, which have proved an efficient means of reducing the number of poor, regional experts said at a two-day meeting in Pretoria, South Africa.
HEALTH: "Encouraging" drop in maternal deaths
16 September 2010 (IRIN ), The proportion of women in sub-Saharan Africa who died because of pregnancy fell by more than a quarter between 1990 and 2008, according to estimates released on 15 September.
MOZAMBIQUE: Urban poor ignored
7 September 2010 (IRIN ), Carlos Matos, who has worked as a policeman in the Mozambican capital, Maputo, for the past 12 years, has to borrow a few dollars each month to supplement his US$52 wage.
MOZAMBIQUE: Price increases 'irreversible'
2 September 2010 (IRIN ), A volley of price increases in basic commodities and services has sparked two days of rioting and looting in the Mozambican capital, Maputo, but the government is refusing to rescind them.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: More sterilizations of HIV-positive women uncovered
30 August 2010 (IRIN ), Veronica* did not realize she had been sterilized while giving birth to her daughter until four years later when, after failing to conceive, she and her boyfriend consulted a doctor.
MOZAMBIQUE: Rat catchers try to end arson
24 August 2010 (IRIN ), Albinio Matias, a Mozambican farmer, lost his daughter, Cassula, and his home to wildfires, which also damaged his crops for four consecutive years. Raising large domesticated rats could have saved him a great deal of pain.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: No single formula for HIV risk
16 August 2010 (IRIN ), In southern Africa, prevention campaigns highlighting the HIV risks of having more than one partner at the same time have largely targeted heterosexuals and ignored the fact that men who have sex with men also have multiple partners.
MOZAMBIQUE: Algae survival soup
13 August 2010 (IRIN ), Pointing to his tiny plot along the Zambezi River in central Mozambique, Tome Lande explains how the maize plants at the top of the sloping riverbank withered away during the drought, and those at the bottom washed away during the floods. His entire crop is gone, and he now collects washed up algae to fill his stomach.

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