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AFRICA: Opposition building to Great Green Wall
8 April 2011 (IRIN ), What’s green, controversial, 15km wide, 7,775km long, cuts across 11 African countries and is designed to reduce livestock deaths and boost food security for millions of people? Nothing yet, but the Great Green Wall project, a pipe-dream for decades, was recently endorsed by a swathe of African states stretching from Senegal to Djibouti.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: Taking the risk out of subsistence farming
8 March 2011 (IRIN ), Farming is a risky business anywhere in the world, but especially if you are a subsistence farmer in southern Africa, where a few weeks of too much or too little rain can wipe out your one hectare of maize and your ability to feed your family in the coming months.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: Risk of food insecurity in wake of floods
10 February 2011 (IRIN ), Above average rainfall across many parts of Southern Africa is prompting concern "about the food security of the affected population in the poorer parts of the sub-region over the coming months," the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said in a new report.
MOZAMBIQUE: Manica Province lashed by rain
7 February 2011 (IRIN ), Five of the 23 districts in Manica Province in central Mozambique have been "severely affected" by heavy rains.
NAMIBIA: Caprivi braces for rising Zambezi River
28 January 2011 (IRIN ), More than 1,000 people have been "relocated permanently" from 32 flood-prone villages in Caprivi, as Namibia’s most northerly province prepares to meet a Zambezi River swollen to near-record size at this time of year by torrential rains upstream.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: Heavy rain puts relief agencies on alert
21 January 2011 (IRIN ), Heavy rains and localized flooding across southern Africa from Angola to Madagascar are raising fears that the devastating floods of 2000 will be repeated. Then, thousands of people were plucked from rooftops by helicopter, several hundred died, and Mozambique’s agricultural production was severely impacted.
AFRICA: Serious about food
6 January 2011 (IRIN ), The record prices of staple grains in 2008 made investment in agriculture an attractive proposition for countries exporting as well as importing food. The African Union (AU), with its mix of producers and buyers, has been steadily gearing up for self-sufficiency.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: Pick of the year 2010
31 December 2010 (IRIN ), The crises in Zimbabwe and Madagascar were a major focus of IRIN’s Southern Africa coverage, though riots over food and fuel prices in early September 2010 in Mozambique managed to grab the headlines for a while.
SOUTHERN AFRICA: Heavy rain, flood warnings
30 December 2010 (IRIN ), The Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) staffed jointly by officials from Zambia and Zimbabwe, says one of the two major dams on the river between the two countries will open its flood gates in early 2011, meaning that communities may have to be relocated.
HIV/AIDS: MSM groups hail pill to prevent HIV
24 November 2010 (IRIN ), Gay rights groups have hailed the results of the first study to show that an antiretroviral (ARV) drug can prevent HIV as an important step in the fight against HIV, but say that in countries that criminalize homosexuality, the breakthrough is unlikely to have a significant impact.

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