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ASIA: Taking the taboo out of the loo
19 November 2010 (IRIN ), Entrepreneur turned toilet crusader Jack Sim from Singapore wants to turn the toilet into the new gold standard of status in Asia, which would signify “making it” - as mobile phones have for years and as 24-karat gold did before that.
ASIA: Why snakebites matter
17 November 2010 (IRIN ), Despite an age-old widespread fear and distrust of snakes, their bites have only recently been added to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) list of “neglected tropical diseases”. Snakes bite an estimated five million people each year worldwide, seriously injuring or disabling up to three million and killing an estimated 125,000, according to WHO and the Australian Venom Research Unit (AVRU).
GLOBAL: Corruption hampers MDGs - Transparency International
27 October 2010 (IRIN ), Corruption siphons off 20-30 percent of funding for basic services, estimates non-profit Transparency International (TI), and tackling it should be higher on the international development agenda.
GLOBAL: Taking on the land-grabbers
26 October 2010 (IRIN ), Property developers in Indonesia and Thailand moved in quickly after the 2004 Tsunami, snapping up land from those relocated into resettlement camps to build luxury resorts, further squeezing the livelihoods of the poor.
ASIA: How Typhoon Megi got its name
18 October 2010 (IRIN ), As one of the strongest typhoons in five years rips through the Philippines, some might be wondering why it is called Megi - the Korean word for catfish.
HEALTH: New global plan aims to wipe out TB
14 October 2010 (IRIN ), A new roadmap for curbing the global epidemic of tuberculosis aims to save five million lives between 2011 and 2015 and eliminate TB as a public health problem by 2050 but comes with a price tag of US$47 billion, nearly half of which must still be found.
HIV/AIDS: Global Fund looks to private sector to fill funding gap
14 October 2010 (IRIN ), With its coffers running at least US$1 billion short, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is looking to the private sector to fill the funding gap.
ASIA: Cities key to disaster risk reduction
12 October 2010 (IRIN ), Improving the resiliency of cities is critical to disaster mitigation in Asia, according to specialists.
ASIA: Unquantifiable damage caused by wildfires
11 October 2010 (IRIN ), Wildfires may not get the attention of earthquakes and cyclones but their destructive potential is considerable and warrants further attention, experts warn.
ASIA: Boosting community resilience in disasters
30 September 2010 (IRIN ), A bed sheet to stop bleeding, broken furniture as splints for fractures, Buddhist temples turned into evacuation centres and bottled water to decontaminate wounds: People are often forced to innovate when disaster hits.

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