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HEALTH: New global plan aims to wipe out TB
14 October 2010 (IRIN ), A new roadmap for curbing the global epidemic of tuberculosis aims to save five million lives between 2011 and 2015 and eliminate TB as a public health problem by 2050 but comes with a price tag of US$47 billion, nearly half of which must still be found.
AFRICA: New meningitis vaccine a "revolution"
14 October 2010 (IRIN ), The emergence of an effective new meningitis vaccine, rather than a large-scale outbreak of the disease, has prompted the current vaccination drive across West Africa. Health officials say the vaccine marks a “revolution” in preventing the highly contagious and fatal disease.
AFRICA: Thinking big on climate change modelling
13 October 2010 (IRIN ), If African countries had had the capacity to do climate change projections, their data could have been fed into the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) assessments for the continent, said Richard Odingo, former vice-chair of the IPCC at one of the discussions ahead of the Seventh African Development Forum.
GUINEA: An uneasy nation says "never again"
1 October 2010 (IRIN ), On the eve of their Independence Day Guineans are uneasy as tensions threaten a political transition many had hoped would end decades of repressive rule.
WEST AFRICA: Growing food for nutrition
27 September 2010 (IRIN ), “Animal production – that is nutrition.” The statement by Victoria Tsepko of Ghana’s Food and Agriculture Ministry summed up one of the themes of a nutrition forum of the Economic Community of West African States – helping nutrition find its place in the agriculture sector.
HEALTH: "Encouraging" drop in maternal deaths
16 September 2010 (IRIN ), The proportion of women in sub-Saharan Africa who died because of pregnancy fell by more than a quarter between 1990 and 2008, according to estimates released on 15 September.
GUINEA: Aid on the way after hail flattens crops
6 August 2010 (IRIN ), UN agencies on 7 August will deliver food, seeds, fertilizer and other relief supplies to Guinea’s Labé region, where hundreds of families lost maize and vegetable crops in a hail storm.
WEST AFRICA: Hail storms, record rains
2 August 2010 (IRIN ), The 2010 rainy season in West Africa has opened with hail storms in Guinea and the heaviest rain in 50 years in northern Chad. Floods have killed at least 80 people and destroyed bridges, homes, septic tanks, livestock, crops and food stocks; dams have broken, and wells and latrines have been submerged.
HEALTH: It's how you spend the money that saves lives
28 July 2010 (IRIN ), Members of the African Union (AU) reaffirmed at the end of their meeting on 27 July in Kampala, Uganda, that they would strive to spend 15 percent of their national budgets on health, but at the end of the day it is about how "effectively and efficiently" you spend the money, not about how much.
GUINEA: Climbing out of the donor funding gap
28 July 2010 (IRIN ), More than two million Guineans do not have enough to eat, basic health services are a shambles and the country is in a fragile transition from decades of military rule, yet most aid donors do not see Guinea as an "emergency".

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