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GLOBAL: World conference of humanitarian studies
5 February 2009 (IRIN ), Academics, humanitarian analysts, practitioners and students are gathered in the Netherlands this week at the first conference of its kind. The World Conference of Humanitarian Studies is hosted by the University of Groningen and features over 60 panels and dozens of papers on a very broad range of humanitarian topics.
AFRICA: Need to focus on maternal, child health - top AU official
4 February 2009 (IRIN ), Countries in Africa should promote maternal, infant and child health and report on progress, in order to curb high deaths rates on the continent, a senior African Union (AU) official has said.
WEST AFRICA: When there is no village doctor
4 February 2009 (IRIN ), An international financial recession threatens to worsen the “severe medical workforce crisis” faced by almost 60 African and Asian countries, according to the UN World Health Organization (WHO). The fewer health workers there are, the less chance a woman has to survive childbirth and a child his or her infancy, according to WHO.
GLOBAL: As NGOs cut jobs, “this is no time to lose talent”
30 January 2009 (IRIN ), As NGOs scale back staff in the bleak economic climate, human resource experts say managers should focus as much on developing skilled staff for the long term as they have on cutting back.
GLOBAL: Food aid must change to suit children
30 January 2009 (IRIN ), The response to global food price rises is failing small children, which could have a long-term impact on the economic growth of poor countries, according to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).
GLOBAL: Talks and more talks about food
29 January 2009 (IRIN ), The two-day UN meeting in Madrid, Spain, to review global plans to deal with the food price crisis began amid claims of overlapping programmes and competition for resources between the UN agencies, and talk of setting up a global partnership to improve agriculture and food security.
GLOBAL: UNICEF feels the pinch of the food price crisis
28 January 2009 (IRIN ), As Ethiopia struggled with high food prices and a lack of relief aid in 2008, the UN children's agency, UNICEF, initiated one of the biggest responses to fight severe malnutrition ever undertaken.
Global: An anatomy of cholera
28 January 2009 (IRIN ), Cholera is a waterborne disease that has surfaced in almost all parts of the world, and the mere mention of its name is often enough to induce panic in communities. IRIN answers frequently asked questions about the disease that has killed nearly 3,000 people in its latest large-scale outbreak in Zimbabwe since August 2008.
AFRICA: Pastoralists grapple with climate change
28 January 2009 (IRIN ), As many as 250 million people in Africa may not have enough water to meet their basic needs by 2020 because of climate change, a specialist in poverty, environment and climate change said on 27 January.
WEST AFRICA: 2009 may wipe out recent employment gains - ILO
28 January 2009 (IRIN ), The global economic meltdown originating from high-income countries may reverse recent employment gains for workers in the poorest nations, according to International Labour Organization’s (ILO) latest Global Employment Trends Report.

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